Fin City

What’s new this summer at Fin City? Well, that’s up to you.

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Fin City beers are brewed just across and above Sneaky Pete's, where the beer doesn't get any fresher and the views don't get any better. Fin City has a lot in the works for a summer full of beer "reel-eases" and easy drinking out on the Assawoman Bay (if you've never been, they [...]

Fin City gets in the canning game

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'Ocean City's First Brewery' delivers Ocean City's first cans. It's been a long time coming but the guys and gals at Fin City Brewing Company have brought out the first run of canned beers. A combination of the affordability of canning and the growing demand for good beer in cans was part of the reason [...]

This is what a Craft Beer destination looks like

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The Eastern Shore is a craft beer destination not because most bars here serve rare craft beers, but because they serve local craft beers. When I started covering the Ocean City HMRA show a decade ago there were two beer bars, and they always were packed. I collected bottle caps at the time and was [...]

Sending beer, keeping beer: BWS Episode 85

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Last week Doug and I attended a beer and cheese pairing at the Clarion. We discussed the pairings and how I could have done a better job in figuring out what order to put the beers and cheeses in. Takeaways from the #CraftBeer and Cheese pairing last week. #MDfeBREWary @ShenanigansMD — Tony [...]

Fin City Capitano’s Winter Stout with Smoked Cheddar

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This is a continuation of a blog about the Shore Craft Beer Talk and Tasting held at the Clarion Fountainebleu in early 2016. First (and this may or may not be news to you) most people can't get Capitano's Winter Stout. OK If you count Asia most people can't get craft beer, but I'm making [...]

Brewing from the rafters at Fin City

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When people told me Fin City was above Hooper’s Crab House, I didn’t take them literally. After all, Hooper’s is just on the Assawoman Bay and it would make sense to have a brewery just above it on the water. Imagine my surprise when I showed up to Hooper’s to meet some of the owners [...]