Beer Challenges

Shore Craft Beer Challenges

Win prizes for being a Shore Craft Beer supporter.

No matter where you are on the shore, you’re only minutes away from world class local craft beer. We offer a fabulous selection of breweries, bars and restaurants where you can enjoy a local craft beer. We even suggest bottle shops and liquor stores where you can get Shore craft beer to go.

While you are enjoying our Shore craft beers, we figured you should be rewarded for trying as many as you like in as many different locations as you can. Use the Shore Craft Beer App available in the Apple Store and Google Play to check-in to one of the featured businesses, name your beer, and take a picture of yourself. Be sure to share your check-in on Facebook or one of the other social media platforms you prefer. When you satisfy the challenge requirements, we will send you prizes. Top winners will be listed on AND on the app.

The rules are simple:

  1. Visit the designated businesses for each challenge.
  2. Upload your picture enjoying a local craft beer at that business, and tag yourself at that business to our Facebook wall.
  3. Use the proper hashtag for each challenge (see below) in your posts so we can track your progress.
  4. Send us a message on Facebook once you’ve completed the challenge, and we’ll send you your prize!


OC8 Beer Challenge - 8 Breweries

OC8 – Eight Breweries. One Ocean.

For the OC-8 Challenge, visit 8 of the following breweries, and follow the instructions above using #ShoreCraftBeer and #OC8 (if you also plan on completing the Shore-17, tag these with #Shore17 as well):

3rd Wave Brewing Co., OC Brewing Company, Backshore Brewing Co., Burley Oak Brewing Company, Tall Tales Brewing Company, Evolution Craft Brewing Company, Fin City Brewing Company, Rubber Soul Brewing

Winners of the OC-8 Challenge will receive:

  • Name and date of completion on the Winners’ List.
  • OC8 Challenge Winner T-Shirt.
  • Prizes from participating breweries.

Shore17 – Seventeen Breweries. Two States.

For the Shore-17 Challenge, visit any 17 of the breweries around the shore (including the OC-8) and follow the instructions above using #ShoreCraftBeer and #Shore17

Winners of the Shore-17 Challenge will receive:

  • A pint glass from a local brewery.
  • Shore17 Challenge Winner T-Shirt.
  • Your name, photo, favorite beer quote, and date of completion on the Winners’ Gallery.
  • Prizes from participating breweries.