Find Beer. Win Prizes!

This is the FAQ for the Shore Craft Beer App. As the launch rolls out, we’ll add answers as questions become apparent. We started the Shore Craft Beer Challenges in 2015 with the goal of helping promote the burgeoning craft beer industry on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Since then, the craft beer revolution has grown beyond anything we could have hoped, drawing people from all over the Mid-Atlantic to the Delmarva Peninsula to try the world class beer brewed here.

With the launch in 2016 of the Shore Craft Beer Challenges App, we were able to help gamify the natural exploration endemic to craft beer enthusiasts. Out hope is to reward people who want to visit different breweries on ever trip, and maybe convince them to take along a friend or two.

****After creating your account, you must log out and then back in to activate the checkins on the app****

What Do I Win?

Upon completing each of the challenges you will get a t-shirt and have your Shore Craft Beer profile added to our Gallery of Champions. Additionally, each festival checking earns you an opportunity to win tickets to the next beer festival Shore Craft Beer presents.

How Does It Work?

Go to the App Store and download the Shore Craft Beer Challenges App, log in to create your account then log out. The next time you visit a brewery on the shore, check in let us know what beer you tried and take a photo. If you would like, share it socially.

How Do I report an issue?

Fill out this site’s Contact Form and we’ll get right on it. You also can take a look at our Facebook page.