Excitement builds for candyAs a kid, I mapped out the best & worst places for Trick-or-Treating each year. The worst homes were those that gave out pennies, apples, & toothbrushes – really?! The best stops had lots of categories though. I remember making mental notes for who had full size candy bars, who let you reach in the bowl more than once, who said, “Grab a handful!,” & the most sought after home — the home of the unattended bowl!! I am not admitting to ANYTHING, but every kid in every neighborhood knew whoever got to that bowl first – got the spoils! Of course, this is if the mom in the minivan driving you around wasn’t looking AND no other kid saw to snitch, but those that knew these special homes also knew how to take advantage. The ONLY thing better than the “unattended bowl” was the home that no one else went to all night, and they gave you the contents of the whole bowl just because they didn’t want it in their house for the next month and you were left completely guilt free. I miss those days, but love that my kids get to have the same excitement for one night every year. That one night that even neighbors abide by, “Let your teeth rot. You’re kids. Those teeth will fall out soon enough anyway!” (That was a joke. I am not condoning teeth rot & ignoring good oral hygiene, but why not let the kids indulge at least a little? Tip: Before they start, tell them how terrible chocolate and caramel are together, and then they will pass off all that “bad” candy to you. Geez, again, kidding.)


As you can tell, I like candy, I like sweets, my favorite part of any meal is dessert! I have figured a new way to rekindle that love for mapping out something in October to look forward to, and I know I am not alone. Unlike my younger self which only shared my candy hunting map with my closest of friends; I will tell you about the seasonal flavors being offered at some of our favorite local breweries, and you can make your own map and try whatever you like. As far as sharing or trading goes, you need to work that out with your friends. (I can’t make all the plans.)


Evolution Craft Brewing Co. – Jacques Au Lantern Belgian Pumpkin AleTrying Craft Beer
Crooked Hammock Brewery – Jov-O-Lantern Smoked Pumpkin Coffee Ale
Fin City Brewing Co. – Captain Jack’s Pumpkin Ale, Seacret RUMpkin, Cranberry IPA
3rd Wave Brewing Co. – Jack’d Belgian Pumpkin Ale, Peach to Beach
Backshore – Fist Pumpkin Pumpkin Ale
Burley Oak – has a can release Sept 28th with 4 different flavors – Banana Bread, Canned Heat, Double Cuvee, Triple Blueberry Cobbler, & 100 w/ Galaxy
Jessica Bauer
Author: Jessica Bauer

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