Beer Notes: All Together Beer

Beer Notes

Another good news story in today’s environment comes from the Other Half Brewing Company in Brooklyn, New York.  Today, on Beer Notes we are discussing “All Together” IPA. If you go to, you will find a love letter from Other Half Brewing Co.   This is a letter to the hospitality industry from one […]

Beer Notes: Social Distancing

Beer Notes

All the bad news on the air these days gets wearisome.  Today on Beer Notes, we have a silver lining story for you. Parsonsburg, Maryland is home to Tall Tales Brewing and their creative and innovative head brewer, Eric Camper.  He had two beers in the works before the COVID-19 crisis changed our world. Eric decided to […]

Beer Notes: Lucky Charms

Craft beer during corona virus

As the coronavirus keeps us all at home, some of our local craft breweries that depend on on-site sales are struggling.  New ways to get beers normally reserved for tap rooms are available however.  Today on Beer Notes, we are looking at a Lucky Charms inspired beer that we can now enjoy at home! On […]

Beer Notes: Coronavirus

It seems like the world has gone crazy.  Streets and shelves are empty.  People are sick and some are dying. Bars, restaurants, and breweries are being shut down for all but carry-out in many states and Almost nobody can find toilet paper.  This week on Beer Notes, we are looking at ways to weather the […]

Beer Notes: Beer Quotes

In this era of alternative facts, we wanted to address another area where belief is not always reality.  This week on Beer Notes, we are exploring attribution of beer sayings. In researching this topic, I tried to find why people always like to use quotes.  We like to read them. We like to repeat them.  […]

What is B-education?


What is B-education? The Eastern Shore is a beautiful place, and it is brimming with vacation spots, wonderful vistas, and craft beer! Whether you are looking to stay at a hotel, condo, or home your beercation on our isle is just waiting for you! Shore Craft Beer is dedicated to B-education. Come to our site […]

Beer Notes: Cloudy Beers

The Forecast for 2020?  Cloudy – so says Gene Muller, Founder of Flying Fish Brewing out of New Jersey during the Beer Tourism and Marketing Conference this week in St. Petersburg, Florida.  This week on Beer Notes, we will explore just what cloudy means. Most people don’t love cloudy days, and many beer drinkers won’t […]

Beer Notes: Leap Day

When time throws you an extra day, you make the most of it!  This week on Beer Notes, we are looking at craft beer, Leap Day, and how the two of them go together.  In 46 BC, Julius Caesar added one day to our calendar every four years to make up for the discrepancy between […]

Beer Notes: Thomas Jefferson

There is a lot of talk these days about our founding fathers, nobody seems to focus on their beer habits, however.  Today on Beer Notes, we are going to discuss just what Thomas Jefferson thought of beer and how it is relevant today. “At Monticello, beer was a “table liquor” served during dinner, and Jefferson’s […]

Beer Notes: Guinness Open Gate

Guinness Open Gate Brewery in Baltimore

Now that Guinness has opened the Open Gate brewery in Baltimore County, Maryland and winter is upon us, we thought it was time to take a look at the popular cold weather brew that Guinness is most famous for:  the stout.  This week on Beer Notes, we are exploring the origins of stouts. In 1759, […]

Beer Notes: Valentine’s Beers

Is Valentine’s Day synonymous with local craft beer for you?   This week on Beer Notes, we are looking at how local craft beer becomes part of your celebration. Here in Ocean City, we are gearing up for Maryland’s month long celebration of craft beer lovers.  For, February becomes FeBREWary, and our breweries, bars […]

Beer Notes: Champagne Beers

New Year’s Eve always seems more festive with a little “bubbly” and now that bubbly can mean beer. This week on Beer Notes we are exploring the world of Biere de Champagne or Biere Brut. According to Beer Advocate there are 91 different champagne beers The Biere de Champagne originated in Belgium. It adopted the […]