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All the bad news on the air these days gets wearisome.  Today on Beer Notes, we have a silver lining story for you.

Parsonsburg, Maryland is home to Tall Tales Brewing and their creative and innovative head brewer, Eric Camper.  He had two beers in the works before the COVID-19 crisis changed our world. Eric decided to go ahead and launch these beers with new names and labels more relevant in today’s world which he hopes will make people smile:   The first is Social Distancing, an 8% ABV New England style IPA and the second is Quarantine Juice, a triple IPA with 10% alcohol by volume.

Both beers are hazy style India Pale Ales,  full of sexy hops and high in alcohol.  They are hopped dry and have IBUs of less than 15.  Eric said that while people are stuck at home and cant go anywhere, its the perfect time to enjoy a 10% beer!

When the coronavirus eliminated on site sales at the brewery and at many of the bars and restaurants that sell their beers on tap, Tall Tales decided to package 98% of all their beers.  While their orders for kegged beers dried up,  their demand for cans is extreme, more than doubling in the last few weeks.

Eric and his production staff are working full time or more just to keep up with the take-out and delivery business. Between noon and 7, area residents can order kegs, wine, liquor, pizza and as well as the 6 packs Tall Tales always sold for off-premise consumption.  Sales are strong.  Erics main concern at this point is that his servers are struggling.  

Sometimes, there are silver linings in the midst of hardship, uncertainty and fear.  Tall Tales Brewing is one such lining. I think Ill go get some Social Distancing to enjoy at home.

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