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The Eastern Shore is a beautiful place, and it is brimming with vacation spots, wonderful vistas, and craft beer! Whether you are looking to stay at a hotel, condo, or home your beercation on our isle is just waiting for you!

Shore Craft Beer is dedicated to B-education. Come to our site and social media pages for all your B-education! Below is the newest video explaining how our area sets us apart from other craft beer destinations. Take a look at why Delmarva is a stand out among so many great craft beer scenes!

Script of B-education movie:

Delmarva is a virtual island, encompassing the eastern regions of three states. 

Water defines us.  

History pervades our small towns and larger cities.  

Seafood is a staple and we export salty, seaside oysters around the world.  

Crabs are a summertime indulgence and crab feasts are a favorite with families and friends.  

This is a land of good living 

and we know how to work, 

How to play, 

and how to relax. 

We are home to Maryland’s 2nd largest city

And most of the state of Delaware

We have wonderful food experiences

In this world of water bounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the East, the Chesapeake Bay to the West and South and the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal to the north, you can also find breweries. 

Brewing began here in during colonial times and hasn’t stopped. 

Today, over 25  craft breweries set the stage for a fabulous craft beer scene and more are coming.

You can find abandoned buildings revitalized for breweries and these breweries are revitalizing downtowns

You find brewers depending on local agriculture and farmers and scientists innovating to grow crops valuable for craft beer.

Hotels offer packages for craft beer lovers throughout the year and the value here on the Shore is unbeatable, particularly in the shoulder and off seasons.  

No other craft beer destination can offer you world class beer, growing local craft beer festivals, and the world class water views.  

Delmarva is the land of pleasant living – for residents, visitors, and businesses.  We have local craft beer scene that is worth visiting, in our breweries AND in our bars and restaurants.  

We aren’t a beer town — we are a beer island within driving distance of many major metropolitan areas:  Washington, DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York City. We are the getaway you’ve been waiting for.  Don’t wait any longer, join us on the Shore, at the beach, along the Bay.  

Visit ShoreCraftBeer.com today to plan your next beercation.

B-education means—

B + education = B-education is….

Beers, Beds, Breweries, & Beercations all the “B’s” with the best information about them. Have you gotten a full B-education lately? If no, then you are not visiting Shore Craft Beer often enough!

Beer education

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The articles and podcasts from Shore Craft Beer speak on all these items, and beyond. Have you listened to Beer Notes? It is our award winning podcast that airs on public radio. If your local public radio station does not air it, call and request it, but until they do, you can get all your Beer Notes here.

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This is a list of some of our featured breweries. Working directly with breweries gives Shore Craft Beer readers first notice details on their events, new releases, and discounts.

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As craft beer lovers ourselves, the staff here at Shore Craft Beer know how important vacationing with your ALL favorite indulgence are. We strive to create, locate, and add craft beer to your vacation here on the shore. We want to help you make your vacation and beercation. Look to our articles, event calendar, and Beer Notes for a comprehensive list of ways to Beercation!

Shore Craft Beer App education:


Find out how the Shore Craft Beer App is the perfect companion when drinking craft beer. It will give you prizes for drinking. Keep track of your craft beers. Locate places that brew and/or sell craft beer. Notify you when deals and specials happen at where craft brew is sold or served. You can them have a record of the beers you tried and have an easy access to what you want to buy and enjoy when you go home. You will no longer wonder, “What was the name of that beer?,” “What was that brewery?” You will have a catalog right in your app!

App funded in part by Rural Maryland Council

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