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This show celebrates craft beer. If you’re in the Salisbury area, please join us on Thursday evenings, where we’ll give you a brief lesson on where your favorite beers come from, why they taste so good, how the craft beer lovers culture developed, and more. You can also explore all of our previous episodes below.

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2019 Episodes

Click here to listen to episodes from Beer Notes’ 2018 season.

March 21

All about Maibocks. One of our favorite springtime beers, the maibock or “helles bock” is pale, hoppy, and traditionally enjoyed after a long winter of strong, roasty bocks and doppelbocks.

March 14

How did we end up with sour beer? First all beer was sour, and then none of it was, but now, sometimes, it is again. And we like it.

March 7

The importance of water in the brewing process. Water makes up about 90-95% of the total makeup of your craft beer, so the water you brew with is pretty important.

February 28

Ales vs Lagers. The lager is predicted to be a major trend in 2019. This week on Beer Notes, we discuss what makes the lager different from the traditional ale.

February 21

Combining cannabis and craft beer. The fascination with cannabis continues, and not surprisingly, craft brewers are finding creative ways to infuse this plant into their (nonalcoholic) beers.

February 14

The History of the IPA. America’s favorite craft beer, the American India Pale Ale, had its heady start in the British Empire in the 18th century.

February 7

Corn Syrup in Craft Beer. If you saw Bud Light’s commercial in Super Bowl LIII, you might be wondering… Why is there corn syrup in some beer? And is it a bad thing?

January 31

Camp Fire’s “Resilience Butte County Proud” IPA. Over 1,400 breweries across the U.S., under the leadership of Sierra Nevada, teamed together to brew the same beer. All to raise money for the northern California “Camp Fire” relief.

January 24

Craft Breweries and the Government Shutdown. When the U.S. government shuts down, furloughed federal workers and government contractors aren’t the only Americans affected — many small businesses, including craft breweries, also suffer.

January 17

Sustainable Craft Beer. Environmentally-friendly craft breweries are changing the landscape of beer, from the ingredients to the packaging to the brewing process itself — some going as far as brewing with “upcycled” food that would’ve otherwise been thrown away.

January 10

Beer and All the Senses. Don’t just taste your beer — see it, smell it, feel it, even hear the bubbles fizzing to enjoy its full effect and optimize the beer-drinking experience.

January 3

Food Pairings. Pairing beer with food is a science and a form of art, so you’ll be the talk of the town once you start inviting your friends and family over for hand-picked beer pairing dinners.