Craft beer drinkers represent over 40% of the population over the age of 21.   Therefore, it is no surprise that marketers are targeting our population with some pretty cool merchandise.  This week on Beer Notes, we are exploring some cool merchandising items and trends.

Beer on tap is a luxury and having the ability to keep it cold without dragging around buckets and other paraphernalia has been a challenge.  Igloo has come out with a one tap jockey box that holds 40 pounds of ice to cool the coils and has attachments for your keg and the CO2 tank.  The beer is cooled by the coils inside the stainless steel cooler which are bedding down in your ice.  The keg and the CO2 remain dry and outside the cooler.  This is a great item for backyard barbecues, weddings, or other events.  Other brands have similar items, some with more taps.  The cost is around $400.

Most local breweries offer t-shirts, branded bottle openers and even branded dog-collars.  Many breweries and tap houses offer growlers and crowlers.  Growlers hold 64 ounces of craft beer and will keep it good for a short period of time after opening.  The crowler is a smaller version of the growler  which holds 32 ounces of your favorite craft beer.  This large can is usually filled and sealed in front of you.  

Two companies out of California are producing craft beer merchandise designed by women for women.   Girls in Craft and Hop Heart each offer softer tees, more stylish designs and a wide assortment of merchandise.  

Home brewing equipment, books, and home accessories add to your options. 

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