December 27

Pouring Beer. You’d be surprised by how much technique goes into properly pouring a craft beer.

December 20

A Brief History of Straws. It might be totally socially unacceptable to drink beer out of a straw these days, but that’s exactly how it was done in ancient civilizations. Our ancestors paved the way for our modern drinking straws — although some of theirs were several feet long and made out of gold.

December 13

Global Climate Change and Beer. The world’s changing climate affects almost every aspect of our lives, and craft beer is certainly no exception. From barley and hop yields to the overall taste of beer, here’s what could happen to our craft beer, and what brewers are doing about it.

December 6

Wedding Beers. Planning a wedding? More and more brides and grooms-to-be are incorporating craft beer into their nuptials, and some are even brewing an original beer specifically for their wedding day. It’s the perfect way to celebrate one’s hoppily ever after.

November 29

Cans vs. Bottles. You might have grown up thinking that beer always tastes better from a glass bottle, but now that breweries are cranking out more and more canned beers, it’s time to face the facts: When comparing beer from a bottle to beer from a can, it’s now nearly impossible to taste the difference.

November 22

Beer Tourism. Beer is crossing the great pond in both directions, and so are people, in search of excellent beer. More and more, cities and towns all over the world are being dubbed “craft beer destinations,” and people are planning “beercations” to their favorite craft beer-centric locales.

November 15

New England IPAs. There’s nothing wrong with a little haze. The New England IPA that we’ve come to know and love was first brewed in the 1990s, but it wasn’t until years later that the once-controversial style became a microbrewery staple.

November 8

Gluten-Free Beers. When 19 million people have conditions that necessitate they eliminate gluten from their diets, that’s about 7% of the population who can’t enjoy a cold, classic, barley-and-wheat brewed beer. That is, until a handful of innovative brewers began using two different processes to create gluten-free beer.

November 1

Supertasters. Are you a supertaster? If you are, you might taste craft beer a little differently. If you have an aversion to IPAs, black coffee and brussel sprouts, you might be part of the 25% of the population who call themselves supertasters. But don’t worry — there’s still a beer out there for you.

October 25

Pumpkin beer. Love it or hate it, come autumn, you can’t avoid it. Here’s why you have the early American settlers and Buffalo Bill to thank for the seasonal staple.

October 18

Oktoberfest. The history of Oktoberfest dates back to the 19th century in Munich, Germany, and it’s always fun to think about when enjoying a classic Oktoberfest ale.