It seems like the world has gone crazy.  Streets and shelves are empty.  People are sick and some are dying. Bars, restaurants, and breweries are being shut down for all but carry-out in many states and Almost nobody can find toilet paper.  This week on Beer Notes, we are looking at ways to weather the storm.

Maryland’s Governor  just announced that all bars, restaurants, movie theaters, and gyms must close down, making an exception only for take-out and delivery.  This age of coronavirus is a trying time but one that we can get through if we work together, follow the rules, and are creative in how we obtain our local craft beers.

Social distancing sends us to the local retail shop to buy our favorite beers. For breweries who distribute through these retail locations, this age of coronavirus may not dampen sales.  For breweries that depend heavily on tasting room sales, however, this crisis can be devastating. 

Burley Oak in Berlin, Maryland will be selling crowlers and growlers to go, filled with your favorite beers from their taproom .  They are also getting creative with this weekend’s can release.  Burley is selling tickets online for the beers being released and will extend pick up times and have your beer ready  curbside when you arrive. If you have to get out of your car, Burley is adhering to the Governor’s social distancing guidelines.

Many of our local breweries also offer gift certificates.  Consider buying these certificates online now to give to friends and family for any occasion, real or imagined.  When 67 cents for every dollar you spend on local craft beer stays local, your purchases matter .  Our breweries need us now more than ever, and we certainly need a good craft beer to weather this storm.

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