Our 8 favorite beer stories of the week

We’ve been doing this show pretty much weekly for a little more than two years. Recently, there have been a lot of stories that are ending or at least back in the news that we have seen over time. It’s kind of fun. Also, it says a little something about institutional memory. Keeping up to […]

This week’s top 9 beer and brewing stories

Dogfish Head beer

Just so there’s no confusion, we know that Bud and Miller merged, but it is a story we’ve been covering in depth for the last few months. There aren’t a bunch of surprises or changes, so we didn’t include it, although we certainly at least will mention it on the podcast. A lesser known story […]

Craft beer is becoming undeniable

Aaaaand festival season is in full swing. Lots to talk about this week including a bunch of upcoming beer festivals. Last week we had a big beer garden event at the Rommel Harley-Davidson in Seaford. It went really well for the most part, but the people who were against not having a “domestic” choice were […]

5 craft beer stories you missed this week

beer stories

Summer isn’t gone by any means, but its bags are packed, and, as a working grownup, that’s just fine with me. First of all, it’s festival season which means I’ll be at one beer festival or another pretty much every weekend between now and Halloween. And that’s just on the production brewery side of things. […]

Craft Beer shyness: The final frontier

Princess Anne Md

A little breaking news: Evo is on tap at the newest (and by all accounts the best) bar in Princess Anne. I was covering the ribbon cutting for the Washington Inn in Princess Anne. I’ll get a story up this week on the social, cultural and epicurial implications but for right now I want to […]

Size matters: 7 beer stories you should be following

toasting at assawoman bay

This week we’re looking at how size matters in beer news for the week. Big beer is into fewer calories and collecting large numbers of small brewers. America is the biggest hops consumer as small farmers struggle with the proposition of incorporating that crop into their land rotation.  In addition to that we’re talking language in beer, […]

Drink your Wheaties!

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of hanging out at Xtreme during the “Drink Your Wheaties” competition, an event that challenged the homebrewers to make a beer that was at least 51 percent wheat. The winners were as follows: 1st PlaceTom Ahmann – Kettle Soured Gose 2nd Place Todd Lester – Tropical Wheat 3rd Place Tim Gavigan – Belgian Strong Wheat Ale […]

The Desert of the Real

This week we’ll discuss a world where the things that are more real are fuzzier than the things that are less so. Getting together with friends and strangers, figuring out what is good and what is not, those things are all real. Going to the liquor store for beer flavored alcoholic syrup to put in […]

Summertime and the living is tarty

It’s the height of summer, and that means (apparently) a ton of tart, fruity beers and gently hopped fruity beers and heavily hopped fruit beers… you get the point. For me, very little can replace a beer flavored beer on a hot day. During the recent festival, I was able to have the new DelMarVa […]

9,000 reasons

After taking last week off, we had to talk about on the Beer with Strangers podcast. Doug and Shawn both were at the National Homebrewer’s Convention last weekend, Tony has a beer festival coming up this weekend and there is all sorts of good bad and odd news in the beer world this week. You […]