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There is little or no reason to not at least be involved in homebrewing. We all know people who do it and it is a pleasure to be around them. True, part of it is that they always have good or at least interesting beer around to share and talk about, but mostly it is because being around people who are good-naturedly excited about their hobby makes you feel better. As if there’s a world wherein people have the devotion to spend their extra time in pursuit of personal excellence that isn’t golf. In this week’s Podcast, we discus the next big homebrewing event, and some craft and home brewing news from the week. Also, I have a book out. I don’t know whether I’ve mentioned it or not…


Hang out, have a beer, maybe even buy a book

Mike Bouni, an enthusiastic homebrewer, is demonstrating the Grainfather at Xtreme Brewing noon-4 p.m this weekend. It’s a more efficient homebrew system for people who like to brew beer from grains. If you are an all-grain brewer, you’re doing yourself a disservice by not at least checking it out. Even if you’re just curious about homebrewing, though, you should come. There are several good reasons and one selfish one.
The good reasons are that you can get a firsthand look at the community. Brewing at home means hanging out with friends, having beer and snacks and being productive at the same time. Moreover, you can see that homebrewing is a simple or as complicated as you want it to me.
The selfish reason is that I’ll be signing my new book and chatting about the history of beer in Maryland and Delaware. Brew a little, talk a little, that’s the best way to kill four hours on any Saturday.

Ancient(er) Ales

You’ll have to listen to the show for more info on this but we know of a certain guy who tends to get the first crack at this whole “Ancient Ales” thing. Sometimes, and there are no promises made or implied, a local homebrew shop reproduces them for you, so you can make them for yourself.


Call for Submissions

This is cool. I would love for people to contribute recipes to Shore Craft Beer for us to share with the community. If you have anything in mine, let me know. I promise in this episode, I’ll share my (secret?) recipe for never having to throw out an unkilled growler.


Why aren’t you brewing?

Everyone has their own thing and, while I don’t begrudge for even one second the great things they do at Beer Advocate, sometimes I feel as if they’re a little too geeky for me. This story is a little more accessible and, more important, a nice primer on why and how homebrew clubs are critical to a strong craft beer movement.

Can you have too many Dogfish Head references in one podcast? Let’s find out.

We’ve traveled this road before. A bunch, but it is nice to hear that the people at the forefront of the culture are on the same page as those of us (OK, me) who feel sometimes as if they’re just speculating.

Watch Live!

Before you hit play, it is important to let you know there is a glitch in the video. Starting at about 21 minutes I say who and then repeat “who” for the next four minutes. It’s amusing for a bit, also, if your looking for that funky dance cut, I’ve got you covered. Otherwise, tune back in next week for (hopefully) a complete show.

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