Aaaaand festival season is in full swing. Lots to talk about this week including a bunch of upcoming beer festivals.
Last week we had a big beer garden event at the Rommel Harley-Davidson in Seaford. It went really well for the most part, but the people who were against not having a “domestic” choice were really, really unhappy about it.

Sister Doris is still at it

We’ve talked about Sister Doris before, she’s the last nun brewmaster in Germany. She’s also apparently part of a larger brew tour arranged in partnership with the Pink Boots Society. The article mostly is an ad for the tour (the tour operator isn’t a sponsor, though), but that’s why I chose it. If you’re thinking about doing a Germany tour, this is worth your consideration.

In other women in beer news…

According to this Neilson (the ratings people) women make up 15 percent of beer drinkers nationwide. That number is only going to grow as diversity of flavors continues. The story says they favor the spiced and sour beers more than do men, but what’s really exciting is that as they become a more emerging demographic, more brewers will keep them in mind. And (of course) more women will continue to become brewers.

Has pumpkin beer hit the ceiling?

This story is about sales flattening, but another unmentioned factor is pumpkin scarcity. Some brewers are having a little difficulty getting the pumpkin at all, let alone in time for Fall. That said, the pumpkin beer when over like gangbusters among the people at the Seaford beer garden.

Liquid aspirin

Farmhouse ales were popular because not only did they keep the workers happy, they reduced injury and aches. I haven’t had the opportunity to verify this scientifically, but I like to think it is because beer takes the edge off, so there is less joint and muscle stress.

Bruges pipeline complete

This is another story we’ve been following for awhile. Bruges, which is one of the oldest (in tact) medieval cities in Europe had to stop letting big trucks come into town for beer. Instead, they ship it down the hill…


I was interviewed in anticipation of Carroll County Beer Week, which is ongoing. Doug will be in Trappe Pod State Park for this week’s Beer festival. We’ll talk all about the festival season.

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