Just so there’s no confusion, we know that Bud and Miller merged, but it is a story we’ve been covering in depth for the last few months. There aren’t a bunch of surprises or changes, so we didn’t include it, although we certainly at least will mention it on the podcast.
A lesser known story is that they already have started sniping at one another over taste and calories. Maybe the’ll even dust off Bob Uecker and dig up poor ol’ Rodney Dangerfield.

The best way to alway have your favorite beer

One of the great upsides of homebrewing is that you have complete control over your beer. Sometimes this is a “for better or for worse” proposition, but once you’ve been at it awhile, it only gets better.

More festival news

In addition to next week’s Good Beer Festival, there’s another big to-do coming up at the end of October to capstone Shore Craft Beer Month.

The potential hop shortage

The hop shortage is as much about preference as about growth. A lot more breweries want more of a single hop, but farmers are hesitant to put all their eggs in one Citra scented basket.

Really interesting problem

This Forbes story, that is as much to hype the beer fizzer we spoke about last week as anything else, says that beer sales are down. It leaves out “by volume” and “restaurants and bars.” The upshot is bars are selling less gallons of beer, not getting less revenue for beer. Maybe we’re just seeing fewer people buying three pints at $1.75 and more buying 1 or 2 $6 craft pints.

3rd Wave turns four

Lots of fun stuff going on at 3rd Wave this weekend in celebration of their fourth anniversary.


The original bitters

Back when alcohol really was medicine, bitters was invented to make it taste a little less horrible. Apparently, that “a little less awful” alcohol was added with beer to make that a little less awful as well (as necessary).

More recipes

We’ve been doing our best to post these as we find them. It’s chili season and many of us already use beer in our chili. Here are some more ideas including using stouts in baking and for brazing.


I wrote a story this week talking about how day drinking was only dead to people who don’t have lunch out. Here’s the story upon which it was based.

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