Beer Cheddar Dip

Do you like beer, but don’t like the taste? Even if you’re not a beer fan, beer works well as an ingredient in several types of recipes; in fact, you can have your beer and eat it, too. Literally! For this recipe, I used Anchor Steam Beer from Anchor Brewing out of San Francisco to […]

Crooked Hammock Brewery

Crooked Hammock Brewery Located in Lewes and Middletown, Delaware sits the Crooked Hammock. A friendly, homey brewery with great drinks and great food. Serving as a nice place to just relax and enjoy a drink with friends or even by yourself, their goal is to provide guests with a safe and fun place to get away […]

Beer Notes: Pretzels

Pretzels and a good craft beer. What an image this statement invokes.   This week on Beer Notes, we are exploring the origin of pretzels and why they go so well with our favorite local brews. The origin of pretzels are steeped in fable. * Some attribute** the invention of the pretzel to the Catholics who […]

Beer Notes: Great American Beer Festival

For all craft beer lovers out there, there is good news and bad news.  First the bad news:  The Great American Beer Festival will not take place this year “in the form that beer fans know and love.”*  This week on Beer Notes, we will be discussing the good news. Innovation has been the hallmark […]

Beer Notes: Craft Beer Exports

Small and independent American craft brewers are recognized as leaders in innovation and quality in what has become a global craft beer revolution.  So begins an article on the Brewers Association website.* This week on Beer Notes, we will discuss the US exportation of craft beer. The Brewers Association has an Export Development Program funded by […]

PRESS RELEASE: Weekly Happy Hour with Local Craft Breweries Announced

Weekly Happy Hour with Local Craft Breweries Announced: Think the Shore Drink the Shore Shore Craft Beer App Helps “Think the Shore, Drink the Shore” with prizes and remote check-ins Berlin, MD — May 26, 2020 — “When circumstances keep us out of our local breweries, we need to get more creative in how we […]

Beer Notes: Beer Cocktails

What do you think when you hear, “Beer Cocktail?”  Craft beer purists may think that bartenders have too much time on their hands.  This week on Beer Notes, we may inform your opinion and  spark your imagination. Cocktail, as we use the word today is purely American in origin.  According to the Oxford English Dictionary, […]

Beer Notes: Milkshake IPA

Beer Notes

What do you get when you add milk sugar and fruit to a New England or Hazy IPA?  This week on Beer Notes, we are discussing Milk Shake IPAs. It’s time to try a milkshake IPA if you haven’t already.  This style started in 2015 according to researchers quoted on VinePair and Hop Culture.  With […]

Beer Notes: Coronavirus

The Covid-19 Crisis is having a tragic impact on local craft breweries.  Today on Beer Notes, we are going to explore this impact and ways that we, as consumers, can help. The Brewers Association surveyed members and released the disturbing results on April 7th. According to the study, the average drop in onsite sales was […]

Beer Notes: All Together Beer

Beer Notes

Another good news story in today’s environment comes from the Other Half Brewing Company in Brooklyn, New York.  Today, on Beer Notes we are discussing “All Together” IPA. If you go to, you will find a love letter from Other Half Brewing Co.   This is a letter to the hospitality industry from one […]

Beer Notes: Social Distancing

Beer Notes

All the bad news on the air these days gets wearisome.  Today on Beer Notes, we have a silver lining story for you. Parsonsburg, Maryland is home to Tall Tales Brewing and their creative and innovative head brewer, Eric Camper.  He had two beers in the works before the COVID-19 crisis changed our world. Eric decided to […]

Beer Notes: Lucky Charms

Craft beer during corona virus

As the coronavirus keeps us all at home, some of our local craft breweries that depend on on-site sales are struggling.  New ways to get beers normally reserved for tap rooms are available however.  Today on Beer Notes, we are looking at a Lucky Charms inspired beer that we can now enjoy at home! On […]