Brewery announces product releases with emojis, challenging fans to crack the code


MILTON, Del., (JAN. 9, 2023) – With the New Year comes Dogfish Head’s announcement of its annual beverage release calendar but this year, the brewery is shaking things up! Dogfish Head excitedly unveils its 2024 lineup of beers and full-proof spirits but holds back on news about its ready-to-drink cocktails, sharing only emojis to represent that portion of the brand’s offerings. Here’s what they’ve got in store for 2024!


Ready-To-Drink Cocktails in a Can:

Harnessing its more than 20 years of distilling experience, Dogfish Head’s spirits-based, ready-to-drink cocktails* in a can feature two shots of full-proof spirits and two real fruit flavors in every recipe. The result? A deliciously real, bar-quality cocktail without the hassle. Next year’s ready-to-drink cocktail lineup includes the following recipes and packages.


Art Series Ales with Artwork by Methane Studios:

Celebrating the magic at the intersection of art and ales, Dogfish Head’s annual Art Series is a collection of four unique beers featuring label artwork by a singular collaborating artist. Next year’s Art Series beers will boast label designs by Methane Studios. Known for creating hand-crafted, intensely detailed screen prints, Methane Studios is an Atlanta-based operation made up of an Ohio-native, beer-loving duo, Mark McDevitt and Robert Lee.

Every Day, Year-Round Beers:

Dogfish Head’s lineup of year-round beers features a combination of both national and East Coast-only releases, including:


Caution Cap Beers & Variety Packs:

Made up of beers clocking in at 15.0% ABV or higher, Dogfish Head’s Caution Cap series is marked by distinct neon yellow and black bottle caps, each adorned with a “caution” exclamation mark … er, shark. This eye-catching indication denotes a beer that is perfect for cellaring.


For drinkers seeking a bit more variety, Dogfish Head will release four seasonal variety 12pk/12oz cans throughout 2024, each with four tasty brews, including one variety pack exclusive beer. The brewery will also debut a new All-IPA variety 12pk/12oz cans featuring some of its most iconic hop-centric beers.


Full-Proof Spirits & Liqueurs:

For some more spirited offerings, check out Dogfish Head’s myriad of award-winning full-proof spirits and liqueurs. Available in DC, DE, HI, IN, MD, NJ, NY and WA.


Learn more about Dogfish Head’s beers, spirits and ready-to-drink cocktails at For a digital copy of the brewery’s 2024 beverage release calendar, click here.


*Dogfish Head’s Canned Cocktails are not yet available in PA, NC, WV, AR, MT, UT, WY or OR.

**Available in select East Coast markets only.

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