Crooked Hammock Brewery

Crooked Hammock Brewery Located in Lewes and Middletown, Delaware sits the Crooked Hammock. A friendly, homey brewery with great drinks and great food. Serving as a nice place to just relax and enjoy a drink with friends or even by yourself, their goal is to provide guests with a safe and fun place to get away […]

Shore Craft Beer’s OCtoberfest Details

While 2020 brought unimaginable uncertainty and a host of surprises to Delmarva and beyond,  it should not come as a surprise that O.C.toberfest Beer Weekend is back to help fight those 2020 blues. Shore Craft Beer’s OCtoberfest is back, baby! Shore Craft Beer Weekend for OCtoberfest The annual beer-stravaganza will take place the weekend of […]

Brewpubs are reshaping beach towns

Dewey beer principal Brandon Smith

I thought it was busy at the Dewey Beer Company and, I guess, for the uninitiated it looked that way. But there were seats to be had and no wait for tables on a Friday afternoon, which in August just means there’s a lull. Another way to tell there’s a lull in the action is […]

Where’s the beer?

Recently I had the opportunity to speak with Jim Lutz, who runs Fordham/Old Dominion in Dover. Jim inherited a number of problems after the two beer companies merged (*shameless plug alert* which will mostly be enumerated in my forthcoming book on beer in Delaware), but one of them is common still among many of the […]

Pharma’s loss is Dogfish’s gain

This is the last of the “series” on women in brewing for this year, but stay tuned for more stories about how women effect beer culture as the year goes on. — TR Making a lot of good beer is even more complex than you might think. At Dogfish Head there is a constant battle […]

Dr. Beer, if it’s all the same to you…

Or: Taking misogyny out of beer through osmosis I’ve interviewed a lot of homebrewers. Some who have turned pro and others who are content to make what they please when they please. The common thread is the Mr. Beer kit which is something between a joke and a rite of passage for many of those […]

Packaging, the final frontier

I’m going to come right out and say it: I’m a beer conservative. Fast growth makes me wary. Like most conservatives I have what I consider a rational fear of change and worry whether new wrinkles are ill- or well-conceived and if they will force me to make changes in my life I rather would […]

Craft Beer Women and Gender-free Beer

OK It’s been a lot longer than I wanted it to be since I checked in, but I had what I thought (until recently) was an excellent reason: women. I have some personal biases I’d like to share. I’m the father of four daughters and, maybe as a result (but also possibly because of my […]