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Julia Dunn: Last Night An IPA Saved My Life

I remember it clearly now- it was an equal-part breezy and humid eve late in the summer. I was on vacation with my beloved family, and at this point we’ve spent 10 whole days together. TEN. Despite the everlasting admiration I have for my kin, the cabin fever was surely setting in, and I absolutely needed some well-deserved me time. I hopped on my bike at 82nd, with the hot wind racing through my curls, and I headed straight to Assawoman Bay Brewing Company, just to unwind alone for a bit. That’s when I found it: Pony Swim IPA. It was fruity, it was sweet, it was savory; but most of all…it was hoppy. I took one sip, and I was teleported to another dimension; this majestic dimension was filled with the joys of sand, ocean, music, open bike lanes, acai bowls, and now my new favorite- Pony Swim IPA. Ever since that fateful night in August, Pony Swim has been on the brain and in my heart.
I anxiously anticipate making a grand return to Assawoman Bay Brewing Company just for a bit of that goodness once more. Until then, I’ll be here by my desk at work, daydreaming, stressing, and planning for my next visit to the greatest spot on the planet earth: OCMD



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