The latest installment in our recurring “Craft Beer Love Stories” series features our favorite submitted stories and photos this week, starting with a tale of beach romance. If you have a craft beer love story and wish to tell it, why not enter here for a chance to win lots of cool prizes including a hotel room and tickets to Love on Tap noon- 4p.m. at Seacrets in Ocean City.

Nancy Streicher: Love after a long weekend

Last year in late January, I went on a date with someone I had met through We met at a local brew pub, shared a beer and got to know one another. Things went well, so drinks became dinner and we agreed to see each other again. It wasn’t long before Valentine’s Day was upon us. At this point we’d been on four or five dates, but things were going very well, so we decided to go to the beach for Valentine’s weekend. Most of our friends thought we were nuts. “It’s too soon,” “It could be a really awkward ride home,” “Wait until summer” were some of the comments we received.

Against all that, we decided to go for it – in fact, we negotiated a few days off and extended the weekend to five days. We figured it would be a good way to see if we ‘had the right stuff.’ Hey, we’re both over 50, might as well not waste a lot of time figuring it out. Thursday came and we headed off. Things went well and as we approached Salisbury I suggested we stop by Evolution Brewing. I liked IPAs and Keith liked Blue Moon, so it was always a joke between us about my beer vs. his beer.

So in we walked and had a seat at the bar. After sampling several of the beers, we actually agreed on the Primal Pale Ale. We had a few beers, some wonderful food and had a blast talking to other people at the bar. In fact, we had so much fun, I think we stayed through both the happy hour and dinner crowd! (You can tell by the picture that we really enjoyed the beers!) What would normally be a four hour drive, turned into a nine hour drive thanks to our “quick stop” at Evolution Brewing. While we talked to each other, chatted with other guests and enjoyed some great beer, I became convinced we could make it work and that this guy was a keeper. I’m happy to report that after our five days together at the beach, we were both thinking of excuses to stay and take more time off, and over a year later we’re still going strong. Though I couldn’t say exactly when we fell in love, I’m quite sure those beers at Evo put us on the right path!

Brandon Roach: Beards Drop Panties

It was a normal day for me at a brewfest. I was a brewer last year for Mispillion River Brewery, and we were set up at the annual Brewgrass fest in Milford, Del. Me and some of the guys took a break from pouring at our tent to go check out some of the vendors. We were at the HopHeadz tent checking out some t shirts, when out of nowhere I was tapped on the shoulder by a woman. When I looked down she had her panties around her ankle. This was because I had a “Beards Drop Panties” hat on. From that moment on I knew I had met the love of my life.

Me and Danielle hung out for the rest of the day at the brewfest and went on a date a few days later. Most of our weekly activities revolve around craft beer. We both have an amazing love for craft beer, and recently got engaged in December 2016. Hopefully everyone sees this story this story as we do; a crazy crafted love! Cheers!

Michael Brandenburg: Jerky kinda love

For me, it started with a can of Pale Ryeder from Burley Oak that I bought at a local beer store in Frederick. After trying that beer, I started to look up some other breweries on the eastern shore and where I could enjoy their beers as well. My wife Kristin and I visit OC several times a year and Kristin helped me find and taste as many different beers as I could when we visited.

One trip to Ocean City, my wife and I stopped on the way to adopt a new puppy and I spent the weekend training our new dog and visiting several breweries. I was able to meet two of the brew masters and had some very enjoyable conversations; as well as some good brews. I had so much fun that we decided on a whim (just a couple of days before the event) to partake in the Shore Craft Beer Fest in October. We had such a fantastic time seeing some familiar faces, trying some new brews and letting everyone pet our relatively new puppy. I was also introduced to KJRN jerky and fell in love with that as well, but that is a different story.

I would love to partake in yet another beer-inspired event in Ocean City and this looks like a great opportunity. It is tough to justify a winter visit to Ocean City, so winning this contest would definitely make it worth while.

Stacey Tressler: Craft Beer Enthusiasmist

Would love to win this. My birthday is February 24. Oh what a great gift this would be. Our very first family beach vacation was to Ocean City.  It was awesome. Been there many times in the summer, but never in the winter. Would live to see what’s going on there this time of year. Photo is of me & hubby. Been married for 32 years.

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