The Loakal Branch in Delmar

Shore Craft Beer is no stranger to the delicious craft brews that Burley Oak Brewing Company in Berlin has to offer. However, on December 5th, 2020, they opened up what they call the Loakal Branch in Delmar, DE. Have you been there yet? Here at Shore Craft Beer, we wanted to learn more about them, so we rang them up and are about to spill the tea. Here are all the important details you need to know about the Loakal Branch!

Loakal Branch is located at 501 N Bi State Boulevard in Delmar, DE, and was the brainchild of  Burley Oak Brewing Company. I called them up to get firsthand insight into this great new spot. Ari Hantske, Marketing Director & Event Coordinator at Burley Oak Brewing Co.

The Loakal Branch in Delmar, DE. Photo Credit: Ari Hantske, Burley Oak Brewing Company.

The Rationale

The reason for adding another Burley Oak brewery was a no-brainer. Burley Oak feels it’s a good idea to open another facility, and unlike their other location in Berlin, the main focus of the Loakal Branch will be on production. It also hearkens back to Burley Oak’s roots of providing their customers with high-quality, delicious products. Ari made the point that the experience at the Loakal Branch is a unique experience, that is both separate from Burley Oak’s main location in Berlin, but at the same time, embodies the mission of Burley Oak.

The Lingering COVID-19 Impact and the Aluminum Shortage

Burley Oak is committed to keeping its customers safe at all of their locations, and this also true in Delmar. In addition to socially distanced tables and constant sanitation of anything that is used during the course of a visit there, they also added a tent as well so people can feel safe outside. COVID-19 is certainly not going to go away any time soon, and Burley Oak wants to make sure people are aware of their commitment to not only their customers, but also offering them the safest experiences.

Post-COVID, Loakal Branch hopes to offer tours to small groups while keeping safety in mind.

The aluminum Shortage is also affecting Burley Oak, but thanks to their forward thinking employee Lindsey, their Packaging Director, they’ve been able to stay ahead of the curve and have been doing well in terms of their packaging. Believe it or not, the 16-oz. aluminum packaging is easier to come by than the 12-oz. aluminum packaging. Go figure.

The tasting room at Loakal Branch. Photo credit: Ari Hantske, Burley Oak Brewing Company.

The Beers and Events

Currently, there are 11 tap handles at the Loakal Branch. Those delicious concoctions include their double IPA, their sour series D.A.B.S., pale ale, session, pilsners, and others, a la the JREAM line of beers. They also have several upcoming can releases, which they usually announce via their social media pages, including Facebook and Instagram.

Burley Oak also wants to continue to expand their presence in Delaware and are focusing on increasing both production and awareness of Burley Oak products among potential consumers.

The Loakal Branch also has several great events each weekend in addition to those events that take place at Burley Oak Brewery. You can read about those events on their social media pages and on Shore Craft Beer’s weekly event roundup, The Tea on Shore Craft Beer.

As another added bonus, Loakal Branch even has food trucks every weekend including Grandpa Mac, That Kitchen, Heart & Soul, Smashmouth Burger, and more. They will have more music and entertainment as the weather gets warmer.

The Loakal Branch in Delmar. Photo Credit: Ari Hantske, Burley Oak Brewing Company.

The Future

Ari is optimistic about the future of not only the Loakal Branch but also Burley Oak Brewing Company. “The possibilities are endless,” she told me, when I asked her what types of beers she envisions distributing. That’s a great attitude to have, and because of Burley Oak and the Loakal Branch’s commitment to their mission and customer, they’ll come out ok after the pandemic is finished. Until then, we’ll have to wait in anticipation of their sure to be amazing can releases. Are you ready to go to the Loakal Branch in Delmar? We are!

Have you visited the Loakal Branch? Tell us about it in the comments!

Burley Oak’s JREAM line might get some additions in the near future!
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