Before you’re thrown off by the headline, let me just clarify that it’s not the quality of the beer that’s cheap (no Michelob Ultra here, people), but the food and craft beer pairings that are inexpensive during Shore Craft Beer Restaurant Week, coming up June 4 – 10 in Ocean City. It’s an issue in semantics, sure, but at least that headline brought you to this story and now you know what week this spring is the week for delicious — not cheap –craft beer, paired with an array of sweet and savory local flavors.

Without further ado, here are the discounted specials on beer n’ meals you can expect to find in Ocean City in just a few days time.

The Shrimp Boat

The Shrimp Boat is a co-host of this event. They’re big supporters of the local craft beer community, and they’re also experts in the art of pairing beer with seafood.

“The thing that surprises so many people that have never been here before is our selection of local craft beers,” said Shrimp Boat owner Joe White. “Promoting local seafood and local beer go hand in hand.”

The Shrimp Boat is known for a lot of things, from their beer-battered fish to their juicy shrimp cooked with the heads still on to retain the flavor, as anyone who’s ever stopped by the Shrimp Boat for a shrimp sample will be able to tell you. The complementary shrimp tasting is complete with a lesson on how it’s made and what makes it taste so good (minus a reveal of the secret spice mix that tops it off).

For the record, Joe’s favorite pairing is their shrimp with Fin City’s White Marlin.

Restaurant Week offers:

Fager’s Island

Anyone who’s hit one of the many bars inside Fager’s will tell you that they have an excellent selection of local craft beer. Plus, you can’t beat the view.

Enjoy scenes like the one above while enjoying a $4 local craft beer all week.

Skye Bar

The Skye Bar is another restaurant in Ocean City that’s all about the local beer, and they also claim “OCMD’s hottest seat in the sky.” Sit out on the roof, bask in the sunshine and enjoy a local craft beer for $1 off all week.

The Grand Hotel’s Grand Terrace

Head up to the sixth floor of Ocean City’s Grand Hotel and take a seat at the Grand Terrace, where you can enjoy a view that spans from the Assawoman Bay to Downtown OC. They’re best known for their breakfast menu, but instead of steak n’ eggs, treat yourself to a steak burger and a beer.

The Grand Terrace’s Restaurant Week offer features an Angus 8oz steak burger paired with a craft beer for $15.

Dunes Manor’s Zippy Lewis Lounge

The Zippy Lewis Lounge is a bit of a hidden gem because it sits inside the Dunes Manor, so unless you’re well-acquainted with the Dunes, you may not even know the Zippy Lewis Lounge exists. That needs to change! The Zippy Lewis Lounge overlooks the beach, and they even have their own specialty beer — the Zippy Lewis Amber Ale brewed by Fin City.

Restaurant Week offers:

Kristin Helf
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