We’re back today with more beer profiles, and yes, that’s a triple entendre: Here we’re describing the local craft beer’s flavor profiles, while also profiling who they are and what they’re all about and displaying a little dating profile of sorts to match you with your dream beer this Valentine’s Day.

We already presented 3rd Wave’s Kohana Chocolate Cherry Stout and the Raspberry Vanilla sour, but just down the street in Salisbury, Evolution Craft Brewing also a few dapper contenders of its own who are looking to meet their perfect match.

And don’t worry… If you’re not ready to settle down yet, all of these beers will be available for a taste at Shore Craft Beer Fest: Love on Tap at Seacrets on FeBREWary 23.

Name: Stalker Hefeweizen
Location: Evolution Craft Brewing
About Me: I can seem like a little bit of a stalker at first, but I’m really nice once you get to know me. Subtle notes of banana and cloves are always creeping in the background, but I think you’ll ultimately be impressed by the unique flavors they provide.
I’m also rich. Rich in flavor, that is, and light in taste. Evo’s first mainline hefeweizen, the Stalker is one to be reckoned with.
Pairs well with: Long walks on the beach, goat cheese, risotto, and banana pudding, preferably by candlelight. I’ll be lurking around in the shadows, but once I approach you with my flavorful, sessionable style, I’ll take center stage on your palate.
ABV: 5%
IBU: 18

Name: BrutAle DriPA
Location: Evolution Craft Brewing
About Me: Evo’s well-known for its award-winning mainline IPAs like Lot #3 and Lot #6, but I’m a bit edgier than my siblings with a dry Brut finish and high carbonation levels, which lend themselves to a champagne-like finish.
The white wheat added in my grain bill keeps me pale, but still I remain undoubtedly, handsomely effervescent. Tropical hops showcase my fruitier aroma. I’m just a bit hazy, and enzymes added during my fermenting process make me extra-dry, but hopefully my drier sensibilities don’t scare you off; I’m as classy as a champagne, while remaining as hoppy and drinkable as any other IPA on the market.
By the way, my name’s pronounced “brutal dry-P-A.”
Pairs well with: Shellfish, citrus, and salad bring out the best in me.
ABV: 6%
IBU: 15

If you already have a human sweetheart, Evo has a pretty fabulous suggestion for a Valentine’s Day gift:

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