Hard cider, harder merger: BWS episode 78

Is Hard Cider the next big thing? Watch out craft beer. Hard cider sales are booming. https://t.co/j0JveroXyO (s/o @SociableCider) pic.twitter.com/0SKRYknU0P — Star Tribune A&E (@entertain_mn) November 11, 2015 Countries with the most craft beer infographic The Countries With The Most Craft Breweries

Crafty beers and craftier brewers BWS 76

crowd at beer fest

Crafty beers are a problem for people who drink craft beer on principle but are still getting accustomed to all the ins and outs of the industry. In this episode, we’ll discuss different ways to get a handle on which beers are which, how regional brewers might deal with the big beer merger, and the pointlessness […]

Why homebrewers brew BWS Episode 75

Shore Craft Beer news

Shore Craft Beer Fest As we gear up for this weekend’s Shore Craft Beer Fest, we’re looking forward to announcing the winner of the naming competition as well as to start thinking of Delmarva as a craft beer destination. It’s something other regions are starting to distinguish themselves in, but we do things a little […]

Beer with Strangers podcast Episode 74

What follows are the show note for the weekly Beer with Strangers podcast. Feel free to follow along on Storify at SOTB. We try and get the show notes posted Wednesday for our Friday show. [View the story “Episode 74” on Storify]