Shore Craft Beer Fest

As we gear up for this weekend’s Shore Craft Beer Fest, we’re looking forward to announcing the winner of the naming competition as well as to start thinking of Delmarva as a craft beer destination. It’s something other regions are starting to distinguish themselves in, but we do things a little differently here.


Putting it all out there

The power big beer wields over distribution is a concern to the larger craft breweries. For many of the local breweries, growing isn’t always the best solution. Exclusivity, I think, has its upsides. We’re not certain it is a problem, but we’re willing to discuss it. 


Brewing without effort

We’ve featured this kind of machine before, one that doesn’t require effort. I’ve always wondered why that’s an advantage. It would appear that the satisfaction is in the making, not in the having.

Join us

As always, we’ll be broadcasting live at noonish. I’ll have the audio up and out by this weekend, but if you want to tune in or ask questions, here’s our Hangout page:

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