What’s new this summer at Fin City? Well, that’s up to you.

By | 2018-06-08T11:28:20+00:00 June 11th, 2018|Breweries, Featured Articles, Fin City, News|

Fin City beers are brewed just across and above Sneaky Pete's, where the beer doesn't get any fresher and the views don't get any better. Fin City has a lot in the works for a summer full of beer "reel-eases" and easy drinking out on the Assawoman Bay (if you've never been, they [...]

Beer on the Boards: What’s in store this summer at Backshore?

By | 2018-06-06T12:28:32+00:00 June 6th, 2018|Backshore, Breweries, Featured Articles, News|

New brews! Backshore Brewing Co. is now entering its sixth season on the Ocean City Boardwalk, and things at the brewery are really heating up -- pun only a little intended. June through August are crazy months for any Boardwalk business, but in spite of the thousands of visitors who come sit on [...]

Beer Watch: Will new metal tariffs raise the price of beer?

By | 2018-06-04T18:36:39+00:00 June 4th, 2018|Beer Watch, Featured Articles, News|

On June 1, aluminum and steel tariffs were imposed upon three major U.S. allies: Canada, Mexico and the European Union. President Trump initially enacted these metal tariffs worldwide back in March, but the three major trading partners listed above were exempt until now. When the penalty, a 25% tax on imported steel and a 10% [...]

A week of cheap beer pairings in Ocean City? Yes, please!

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Before you're thrown off by the headline, let me just clarify that it's not the quality of the beer that's cheap (no Michelob Ultra here, people), but the food and craft beer pairings that are inexpensive during Shore Craft Beer Restaurant Week, coming up June 4 - 10 in Ocean City. It's an issue in [...]

Merging craft beer with the arts

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We already know that craft beer is an art in itself, as much as any culinary process is considered an artistic exploit. Merging the art of craft beer with more traditional arts -- painting, sculpture, even music -- makes for a pairing as great as the classic IPA-with-a-basket-of-mozzarella-sticks combo (or something as equally greasy). [...]

The springiest of springtime beers

By | 2018-05-08T22:08:12+00:00 May 8th, 2018|Featured Articles, News|

It's May, and it's -- of course -- the month of the maibock. For many craft beer lovers, our preferred beers change with the seasons. Gone are the days of the winter lager and the coffee stout; fruity beers and sours are making their way back onto the shelves. Heavy beers that sit in your [...]

How To Make A Craft Michelada For Cinco De Mayo Day!

By | 2018-05-08T14:51:23+00:00 May 4th, 2018|News|

Review: Don Chelada Michelada Mix Added a spicy & slightly salty & sweetness to the Dog Fish Head Flesh & Blood IPA was the perfect choice to add a little fruit character. The BEER: Dogfish Head Flesh & Blood IPA  : Link: 7.5% ABV & 45 IBU's. American IPA with the explosive, zesty fruitiness. Brewed with [...]

In the company of Dewey Beer Company (in photos)

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Nestled just south of Rehoboth is Dewey Beach, a small, seaside Delaware town that's home to none-other than Dewey Beer Company. Like many modern microbreweries, Dewey Beer Company boasts a wooden storefront accompanied by a very wooden interior. Fire hazards aside, I found this to be a very comforting environment on the frigid April evening [...]

How To Keep Your Pet Safe at Pet Friendly Events

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Pet-friendly events can be very enjoyable when you and your pets attend together and are safe. When attending pet-friendly events, like outdoor beer festivals, you should always come prepared to keep your four-legged friends safe and happy. When taking your dog to pet friendly events, always err on the side of caution. Make sure your [...]

What you can (still) do to support Reform on Tap

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Cover image: Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot shares a toast with Reform on Tap supporters at Crooked Crab Brewing Co. in Odenton April 18.  The bill that had been proposed to deregulate Maryland's archaic brewery laws was rejected by the Economic Matters Committee on March 19. It's the end of a chapter, but as far as [...]

Chincoteague’s Black Narrows Brewing Co. is as local as local gets

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"There's always places that you keep coming back to because you feel connected to them," said Black Narrows co-owner Jenna Chapman. "Chincoteague always called us home." Cold beer and conversation in the tasting room. Photos courtesy of Black Narrows. Jenna co-founded Black Narrows with her husband Josh Chapman, and her parents Wendy and [...]

Not your average liquor store: Inside Pitt Stop Beer & Wine

By | 2018-04-17T09:23:27+00:00 April 17th, 2018|News|

Pitt Stop Beer & Wine is very, very far from your everyday liquor store. Its name implies that the customer is running in for a six-pack and will be out in five minutes, tops. That's possible, sure, but most customers walking through the shop's doors soon realize they won't be running out anytime soon. Where [...]

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