Beer Watch: Local Brews Round-Up for July

Here are some good places to enjoy a beer this summer: At a barbecue. Beside the pool. On the beach (in a cozy or opaque generic container depending on where you’re beaching). On a balcony, at a ballgame and, most importantly, at your local brewery. Luckily on Delmarva there’s no shortage of local craft breweries […]

Fin City gets in the canning game

‘Ocean City’s First Brewery’ delivers Ocean City’s first cans. It’s been a long time coming but the guys and gals at Fin City Brewing Company have brought out the first run of canned beers. A combination of the affordability of canning and the growing demand for good beer in cans was part of the reason […]

Selling craft beer well

It took a little doing, but on Oct. 24 Ocean City will put on its first beer festival featuring exclusively local beers. To celebrate the fact, several of the local brewers got together and made up a couple batches of homebrew both to celebrate their roots and to get something together in time for the event. […]

There’s no place like home

That taverns were the heart of the American Revolution, hell, of most revolutions, feels like it’s common knowledge, but why taverns as opposed to private homes or churches is something that escapes people. The fact is, it had very little to do with alcohol. In early America, especially in rural areas, there was a tavern […]

Beer for breakfast at Rar

beer for breakfast

Possibly the most overlooked fact about breweries here on the Eastern Shore is that they are always in fun mode. Throughout the busy season, the breweries have events to make them stand out and to introduce themselves to visitors. Almost all the breweries here on the shore are distributed and well represented in the Mid-Atlantic […]