Hello, Shore Craft Beer readers! I know I haven’t really introduced myself since taking over as Shore Craft Beer’s editor some couple of months ago, so here’s a super-quick intro: my name is Kristin and my favorite craft beers from the Shore are Evo’s Lot 3 and Fin City’s Backfin blue crab stout. But I’m open to trying anything. And, for now, I feel like that’s all you really need to know about me.

We’ve been really busy this FeBREWary with a whole bunch of things, from new challenges on the Shore Craft Beer app to giveaways, our third annual Shore Craft Beer Fest: Love on Tap, a craft beer panel and tasting reception coming up at the Salisbury Chamber, and a million and one other things that will hopefully make this month another successful Craft Beer Lovers Month.

That’s no excuse for my lack of posting, and I hope to do better in the future–starting right now, with Beer News. Not Brew News, because I thought that would be a little corny (double beer pun!). Here’s our special, first Valentine’s Day edition.

FeBREWary is what’s mostly been dominating the Maryland craft beer news, but let’s take a step back and see what else is happening in the world of beer.

This Couple’s Snowy Winter Engagement Shoot Began with Craft Beer at Bluejacket Brewery | Washingtonian

Chris Coy, a respiratory therapist, first met Shannon Huber, a legal secretary and comedienne, during college at Frostburg State University in Western Maryland. Though Shannon was a freshman and Chris had just graduated, they both were theatre majors and involved in school productions.

(In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, of course.) First thoughts on this? Yes! It’s not often a woman writes something related to craft beer (they usually only let men with long beards and flannel shirts do that). Second thoughts? Oh, it’s because the story is about a couple’s about engagement photos being taken in a craft brewery. Baby steps.

Mostly I’m sharing this because I just got engaged over Christmas and these photos are priceless. Me and my fiance’s engagement photos consist of a selfie I took of us in front of my parents’ Christmas tree.

These pictures are beautiful. DC’s Bluejacket Brewery is definitely an aesthetically-pleasing venue for a photoshoot, and I hope their beer tastes just as good. But what I’m really trying to say is, if you’re a photographer who owns a beautiful brewery who’s reading this right now, give me or my fiance a call.

14 Chocolate Beers To Drink on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. If your date loves beer as much as you do, he or she will appreciate these chocolate beers that are perfect for the occasion. If you’re flying solo this February 14, these beers make great company too.

Next time I do one of these Beer Watches, a Recipe of the Week will fill this space. But, in honor of the holiday, here’s Beer & Brewing magazine’s take on the best chocolate beers to drink on Valentine’s Day. For a local option, I would recommend Third Wave’s Kohana Chocolate Cherry Stout–very festive. And if stouts aren’t your thing, Dogfish Head’s Romantic Chemistry IPA is another festive choice that you’ll be able to find in many local liquor stores.

Run the Jewels Announce New Craft Beers

“Panther Like a Panther” Stout, CBD-infused brews, more

When else am I going to get the chance to link back to a Pitchfork story that’s relevant to craft beer? If you like the sound of Run the Jewels, you might like the taste, too. Coming out this month is the “Panther Like a Panther” stout, followed by the “Legend Has It” pilsner and the “Down” double IPA later in the year.

Peter Franchot: Craft breweries matter, even if you don’t drink

The legislative session is underway in Annapolis, and it is time to bring our thoughts back to beer. Over the past year a rather intense debate has illuminated craft brewing in Maryland, blinding us from some of the more crucial issues surrounding this industry.

I would be remiss if I didn’t include something here about Reform on Tap, especially since the fate of Maryland brewing legislation will be decided on Feb. 23 when the hearing for the two opposing house bills will take place.

I will make another post with links to all the relevant literature on House Bill 518, but until then, this is a good story to send to your friends who don’t drink beer and don’t care what brewery legislation looks like. Ask them if they care about the local economy, or the Chesapeake Bay. Bonus points if they care about both.

“Maryland craft breweries save Main Street, and they save the Chesapeake Bay.” Aside from pouring money back into Maryland, Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot argues that the success of local breweries will also positively affect the Bay. Malt is a bay-friendly crop, he says, which does not emit harmful nitrogen into the bay and the soil like many plants do. At the crux of every article written in support of HB518 is the simple fact that breweries are good for Maryland.

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