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Something old, something new, something borrowed, something brewed. This week on Beer Notes, we’re exploring wedding beers.

For many couples planning a wedding, beer is becoming an important consideration, and getting one brewed specifically for your celebration is definitely possible.

3rd Wave Brewery in Delmar, Delaware has been brewing beers in collaboration with the bride and groom for years. One couple wanted a beer that wasn’t too bitter or too sweet and incorporated persimmons from the bride and groom’s backyard.

Another beer-loving couple wanted an unfiltered IPA without the infamous IPA bitterness, but with all that citrusy freshness of this popular hoppy drink.

Whether a couple chooses to get a special beer brewed just for them or whether they decide to feature their favorite from a local brewery, the role this beer can play in a celebration is varied. Privately labeled invitations, save the dates, wedding favors, an alternative to champagne for the toast and certainly the featured beverage on tap at the host hotel and during the reception are just some of the possibilities.

If you or someone you know loves beer, and is planning a wedding, consider locally made craft beer as a featured guest at your upcoming nuptials.

It will add to the upcoming celebration, and who knows? It may cause the couple, and even the guests, to live hoppily ever after. For Beer Notes, this is Ann McGinnis Hillyer.

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