Many bar and restaurant owners feel that the increase in breweries across the United States is negatively impacting their businesses.  A Nielson study released in 2018 shows that visits to breweries actually increases the purchase of that craft beer outside the brewery AND that craft beer drinkers do not view their visits to breweries as replacing visits to bars or restaurants.  

This week on Beer Notes, we are reporting on the first data that shows that breweries actually help bars and restaurants sell more craft beer.

“Brewery visits have a strong correlation with increased purchasing after the fact”

49% of all craft drinkers, those who consume craft beer several times a year and those who drink craft at least once a week, were likely to purchase the craft beer produced by the brewery they visited more than they would have before the visit.    

This number goes up if you look at only those individuals who consumed craft at least once a week.  For them, 59% were more likely to purchase more of the visited brewery’s beer after the visit. In the NE region alone, this number was 68%.

“Brewery/Brewpub/Tasting Room Visits often add occasions (especially non-core drinkers)”

63% of all respondents said that a visit to a brewery was either a “different type of occasion where I wouldn’t have gone to a bar” or that the brewery visit was “in addition to my typical bar/on premise occasion.”

So, bars have nothing to fear from brewery visits.  In fact, the breweries here on Delmarva would love to have you experience our world class beer in our breweries on the Eastern Shore so you can buy more of our craft beer when you return home.  

Anne Neely
Author: Anne Neely

Born in Scotland, Anne developed a love for travel early on. Shortly after graduating from University in England, she moved to America where she was involved in running an Ocean City business. Anne has worked for for over five years and loves promoting Ocean City and the surrounding area that she now calls home.

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