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Do you like beer, but don’t like the taste? Even if you’re not a beer fan, beer works well as an ingredient in several types of recipes; in fact, you can have your beer and eat it, too. Literally!

For this recipe, I used Anchor Steam Beer from Anchor Brewing out of San Francisco to make beer cheddar dip.

Anchor Brewing Beer

The particular beer used for this recipe is called Anchor Steam, and its bitter, golden notes add a nice contrast to the sharpness of the cheddar in the finished product.

Anchor Steam Beer is 4.9% ABV and is bursting with flavor, thanks to its hops. It has a bright amber color and because of how it is processed, it tastes rich and smooth.



Anchor Steam Beer
Cook with some delicious Anchor Steam Beer! Photo credit:

The Process and the Recipe

The website describes this process as involving “a blend of pale and caramel malts, fermentation with lager yeast at warmer ale temperatures in shallow open-air fermenters, and gentle carbonation in our cellars through an all-natural process called kräusening.”

This recipe only requires half a can of beer (as a substitute for milk) and was concocted by a local culinary talent who lives in the area. You can see the finished product below-we used homemade soft pretzel nuggets (recipe here) as the anchor for the cheese.

Beer cheese brea
Try this delicious recipe for beer cheese-we’re going to need a bigger cheese!

Ocean City, Maryland’s Premier Beer Cheddar Dip Recipe

1/4 teaspoon garlic powder

1/4 teaspoon onion powder

2 tablespoons butter, softened

2 tablespoons flour

1/2 can Anchor Steam beer

1 tablespoon dijon or yellow mustard

1 package (6.84 oz.) Sargento thinly sliced sharp cheddar squares

*Heat a small pot on the stove at medium heat.

*Make a roux by mixing the butter and flour together until there are no lumps.

*Mix in garlic powder, onion powder, and beer. Whisk until smooth.

*Add in cheese slices, which will begin to melt immediately.

*Stir until smooth.

*Let cool for 10 minutes.


soft pretzel bites
Try these delicious soft pretzel bites recipe. Photo credit: Just a Taste.

Soft pretzels are the Vehicle

When the Beer Cheddar dip is finished, you can put the cheese on anything you like. We used homemade soft pretzel nuggets.

Are you going to make this? Did you make it? Please comment and let us know how it turned out!

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