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How cool is the Fordham and Dominion dry hopper? The brewery named a festival after it.


This week we’re introducing a new, sub podcast to our Beer with Strangers lineup. Our hope is to interview local brewing industry people (this week it’s Fordham and Dominion Brewing’s Ryan Telle) and maybe give the geekier among us a little extra insight into what is going on around the area.

As always, please consider subscribing to the podcast (see the iTunes logo above) and reviewing it. If you’re unfamiliar, Beer with Strangers is a weekly podcast discussing local, regional and national beer and home brew news. Hosted by homebrew professional Doug Griffith, owner of Xtreme Brewing and beer writer Tony Russo, the show is broadcast live Thursday afternoons on YouTube. The audio podcast is published Fridays on iTunes. The show notes are published Wednesday evenings for people who want to follow along with the stories we’ll be discussing or who want to watch live.

Generally this will be a Thursday release, so you’ll have this today, the next installment tomorrow and the regular Beer with Strangers podcast Friday.

Finally, we do take requests, so if there’s anyone you would like to hear from or any regional beer news you are interested in having us expand upon, just reach out. We’ll do our best.

Fordham and Dominion make beer and art

This week we’re joined by Ryan Telle of Fordham and Dominion brewing for a chat about their new label, some new release plans, the R2 Hop2 Festival and some big news about a burgeoning partnership with a regional distillery. Ryan talks about his approach to making a connection between the beer and the art, as well providing a little insight into how seriously they take the process.

Since it is a phone interview, it sounds like a phone interview but don’t let that get you down.

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