This is a continuation of a blog about the Shore Craft Beer Talk and Tasting held at the Clarion Fountainebleu in early 2016.

When Belgian Tripels are done well you can’t really taste the alcohol, even when the beer is in the 9 percent range, as Sandstorm is.  Broadly speaking tastings are fun when they have complements and counterpoints. This was a bit of both, which is what made it a home run. Stilton is a blue cheese, but not too blue. It’s really kind of subtle and a little dry.

Putting the wet beer with the dry cheese was a great move. The beer was nearly sweet and the cheese was nearly sharp but neither went all the way. That was the counterpoint. Add to that the little apricot pieces that bulled out the middle of the beer and it was a fine, fine combination.

Fun ways to try serving this would be at maybe brunch or with a green dinner. This made me want fresh cool foods, is what I’m trying to say.

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