Shore Craft Beer promotes a very specific culture, the Delmarva Peninsula. We try to help people see that the region has unmatched potential for beer-related adventures. Our editorial slant is simple: World Class Beauty meets World Class Beer.

Whether you are interested in trying your hand in beer writing, or are an established beer writer looking to reach new markets, Shore Craft Beer, along with its partner sites, can help you increase our following and standing. This is part of a larger initiative to bring the writers in the region together in a network of mutually-supportive professionals and hobbyists.

If you are a homebrewer, we would love to have you share your experiences and photos. If you are a beer professional or bartender who wants to document your relationship with local craft beer, feel free to reach out.

If travel writing is more your speed, our partner site at is undertaking a similar project. Beyond that, we always are accepting story or column pitches from guest bloggers. Additionally, we are looking for a freelancer who can commit to writing every week about local beer from a woman’s perspective.

Contact for more info.

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