A couple people have reached out asking to know about where Jason Weissberg, the head brewer at the defunct Assawoman Brewing Company went. Jason always was a great guy to work with and to get beer from and it was cool to see how many people were concerned that he stay in the beer game. As it turns out, he has. Here’s the release and announcement from his new company.

MOXEE, Wash., May 31 2017— We are excited to introduce a new member to our lineup: Jason Weissberg. Jason joins Roy Farms as our new Mid-Atlantic Sales Manager, representing Roy Farms’ premium quality hops on the East Coast and beyond. Bringing Jason onboard is an important step towards providing our brewery partners with an increased level of service and support. Jason brings with him 15+ years of brewery operations experience, offering a unique insider perspective and a longtime passion for craft brewing.

In his own words

This is how Jason introduced himself to his new community:

Always curious by nature and with a bit of wanderlust, after graduating with a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management from the University of New Hampshire, I used my first career to cross the country–a few times over–working in both educational dining and resort settings. However, it was a chance encounter with a home-brewer in 1993 that set the course for my future. After six years, I turned a home brewing hobby and passion into a full-time career. After completing the American Brewers Guild Intensive Craft Brewing and Engineering program in 1999, I began my brewing career in Steamboat Springs, CO.

The same things that excited me about cooking–creating flavor combinations from simple quality ingredients–transferred seamlessly into my passion for brewing. From Colorado to New York, weaving through South Carolina, Maryland, and Delaware, I have enjoyed a seventeen-year career in craft brewing. Along the way, I continued to appropriately match my locations with my pursuit of leisure from fishing, mountain biking, hiking, live music, and skiing.

As my career progressed, my experiences and the industry continued to grow. I found myself in a position to help other breweries with practices, processes, procedures, or startup. After years of creating award winning recipes and helping the local brewing community grow, I began to look back on what initially drew me to the industry. The theme of using quality ingredients to create great products led me to pursue another role in the industry.

I am happy to be joining Roy Farms as Mid-Atlantic Sales Manager. Grateful that I can continue to be involved in a such great industry, meet great people, and share my excitement for quality ingredients like the Roy Farms’ hops.

I currently live in Milford, DE, the almost exact half way point from Maine to Florida with my wonderful wife Kathleen and two fantastic children, Grayson (age 8) and Delaney (age 6). We have two Springer Spaniels, Desmond and Molly, and we enjoy time as a family traveling and visiting amusement parks.

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