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C Breeze Shuttle & Limo Service

C Breeze Shuttle & Limo Service

38016 Fenwick Shoals Blvd, Selbyville, DE
(443) 300-7279

We are a custom shuttle service operating in the coastal resort areas of Maryland and Delaware. Family owned and operated, we want to provide a safe, comfortable and enjoyable experience for those visiting or living in the area.  We work with many of the area’s hotels and restaurants and provide transportation specializing in custom winery and brewery tours.


How to Get Around

When visiting Ocean City to discover our amazing selection of craft beers and breweries, take advantage of the unique situation we are in. You can visit 4 breweries in Ocean City, year round, by bus! Give your car a rest, and let someone else do the driving, then enjoy our craft beers and be driven safely back to your hotel at the end of the day.

Ocean City is built on a long thin peninsula, making getting around the resort very easy. Our extremely clean and efficient public buses drive up and down Coastal Highway all year round, stopping regularly throughout the town. They are easy to navigate and you are never far from a bus stop. You can set your own schedule when visiting the breweries and stay for as long as you want in each bar, knowing there will always be a bus along to take you to the next brewery. And the best part about the bus? You can ride all day long for just $3! For more detailed information about our bus service, go to http://www.oceancity.com/getting-around/


Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, Berlin is connected to Ocean City by a trolley which runs between downtown Berlin and West Ocean City, for just $1 a ride, making it possible to visit Burley Oak Brewery in Berlin by public transport. Five breweries in all, during the summer season, accessible by public transport! An easy, cheap and safe way to explore our breweries and enjoy them to the maximum!

We are also proud to offer private shuttle services which specialize in brewery tours, around our area. C Breeze Shuttle Service is a shuttle service operating on Delmarva, which specializes in custom brewery tours. They provide luxury transportation around our resort as well as the rest of the Delmarva Peninsula. You can call them on 443-300-7279 to find out more information and to organize your own personal transportation.

Eastern Shore Brewz Krooz will take you on a guided shuttle bus tour of some of Delmarva’s finest craft breweries and teach you everything you need to know and do to create the perfect pint of craft beer. And of course, included in the tour, will be tastings at each of the breweries. Call them on 443-783-6949 to get the full scoop!

There are also many taxi services around our resort.


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