In this week’s show, Doug and Tony discuss big beer woes, craft beer concerns, festivals and pairings.

Dimming Australian sales for Miller during Aussie Craft Beer Bump

Last week we spoke about how the craft beer boom in Australia has taken hold in a big way, and also in an American way. Another thing that happened is big beer in Australia took a hit, which it really can’t afford internationally. As part of the proposed merger, AB InBev has to divest itself of some brands, spinning them off into their own companies. Last week we talked about how they dumped Perroni on Asahi and wighed it had been a mid-level American craft beer.
Miller, it seems, has enough of its own problems as it is taking a kind of beating internationally (or in Australia anyway). Tony might tell his half-remembered story about how Miller Lite started the race to the bottom in American beer.

A cautionary tale

No one likes to see a brewpub go under, especially us, but this sounds as if there was something else going on. I feel like if you’re complaining about food truck competition, it isn’t about the food trucks. For me, complaining about how much easier it is for your competition to make money is a lot like complaining about the refs. Even if it’s true, if you want to be competitive, work harder.

Festival season ramping up

It’s festival season and all of the great spring events are lining up week after week. For our friends in the Dover area, this looks as if it might be a blast. Shore Craft Beer has an announcement of its own.

In this week’s Pairing news…

Let’s talk pickled things. What would you suggest for a beer talk and tasting featuring pickled sides? I feel like I’d like a chokingly garlic-y pickle with something crisp and green-tasting.

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