Maryland’s Craft Beer Lovers Month is FeBREWary and Shore Craft Beer is celebrating by giving away a 2 night stay at the oceanfront Grand Hotel.  All users have to do is check into 3 local craft breweries here on the Shore using the Shore Craft Beer App and you will automatically be entered to win a 2 night stay.  You will also get a commemorative pint glass for Love on Tap and beer in your room for your stay.  Just check in on the app when you are at one of our local breweries, take a selfie – of you with your beer or just of your beer, enter the beer you are drinking at the brewery, and do it three times.  That’s it.  An Ocean City BEERCATION could be yours if you are the lucky winner!

History of FeBREWary, Craft Beer Lovers Month in Maryland

Maryland FeBREWary FeBREWary is the official, month-long, state-designated celebration of craft beer throughout all of Maryland. The idea of a craft beer focused month started in 2015 when Marci Ross from Maryland’s tourism office and Ann Hillyer, CEO of Shore Craft Beer got together to pick a month that would be a good time to celebrate local craft beer in Maryland.  It had to be a good month for tourism – when travel was lighter and lots of great beer cation options existed for those craft beer lovers who wanted to take an excursion to try some of the nation’s best local craft beer.   The Brewers Association of Maryland jumped on board and FeBREWary, Craft Beer Lovers Month was born.  Towns all across the Shore are populated with independent craft breweries, not to mention craft beer-focused bars, restaurants and hotels, that are just waiting for you to come and find your new favorite beer.

FeBREWary on the Eastern Shore

  Maryland’s Eastern Shore is one region that really goes all-out for the 28-day craft beer holiday to celebrate its World Class Beer and World Class Beauty.  Normally, Shore Craft Beer hosts the Love on Tap festival at the end of the month.  This year, however, there was a snafu with the location and we were not able to get the festival on the date we hoped.  Therefore, Shore Craft Beer is putting together a giveaway in honor of FeBREWary using the Shore Craft Beer App.

10 Breweries on the Eastern Shore – Easily Accessible from Ocean City

  There are more breweries than ever for you to choose from on your circuit to get three.  Ocean City hotels have great rates at this time of year too so you can decide to take a trip to Ocean City, pick up your three brewery check-ins, and win a return trip to Ocean City.  So, with an Ocean City beercation in mind, here are your closest breweries from which to choose:
  1. The Other One Brewing Company – it looks like it will be opening this month in Ocean City.  Nate Todd, originally with Backshore Brewing, is opening “The Other One Brewing Co” with Cole Taustin and the Embers Group.  Stay tuned for more information on opening dates, etc., but this would be a great check-in – brand new building, brand new beer, same great people.
  2. Sinepuxent Bay Brewing – This small farm brewery has great beer and is located on Route 611 just outside of Ocean City.  Sit inside and talk to the friendly bar-tenders or sit outside at picnic benches with fire pits.  A  local brewer is heading up the efforts at Sin Brewing, so his experience at Dogfish Head, EVO, Tall Tales and others really shows in the fabulous beer coming out of this brewery.
  3. Burley Oak Brewing – This fan favorite is located in Berlin, MD and is a great hang-out if you love beer and like a unique locals experience.   They don’t serve food, but you can get a great pizza across the street at Burn.
  4. Burnish Beer Co –  This brewery is in Salisbury, MD and is the second largest brewery on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.  Their beer is good, they have food, and the ambience is open, fun, and ready to welcome you for one of your check-ins!
  5. EVO (Evolution Brewing) – This is the largest brewery on the Shore and makes a mean IPA – Lot 3.   Their beer is distributed all over the region and has even been found internationally.  Their food is fabulous which makes sense because the Knorr brothers know how to make a great beer, keep it consistent, and add a menu of food that is not only delicious, but pairs well with their beer.
  6. Dewey Beer Co – Now we are in Delaware, but the Dewey Beer Company offers a large selection of IPAs as well as great food.  They are located in Dewey Beach, DE, just a short drive up Coastal Highway.
  7. Thompson Island Brewing – This great brewery/restaurant not only brews beer, but is part of the SoDel Concepts group which just leased Macky’s in Ocean City.  Their food is phenomenal -check out the avocado toasts they have on their menu – the version of this delicious offering changes frequently.
  8. Crooked Hammock Brewing – What can you say?  A great outdoor area, a great indoor area, great bathrooms, and great beer?!  They have breweries in Lewes (closest to Ocean City), Middletown, and North Myrtle Beach.  We recommend you try their original location in Lewes – it’s only a stone’s throw away from our next recommendation.
  9. Big Oyster Brewing – Just look for the large red barn and you’ll find a large space filled by brewing equipment, tables, beer in coolers ready for you to take it home, friendly staff waiting to serve you and a big bar with lots of great beers on tap.  This brewery is definitely worth a trip if you haven’t ever been there, and even if you have, their beers are constantly changing so taking trip to try something new is worth the effort.
  10. Dogfish Head Brewing & Eats in Rehoboth – We know you’ve heard of this one and if you haven’t been to their original location in Rehoboth, it’s worth a visit.  The brewery moved to Milton where you can also check-in to qualify for your Ocean City Beercation getaway, but the Brewing and Eats location on the main drag in Rehoboth is a great place to try a new beer, learn something from the knowledgable staff, and buy a Dogfish Head t-shirt – or any of their distilled spirits, beer, or other branded items in the gift shop next door.  Dogfish has all the beer styles covered, they make interesting beers by experimenting with old recipes – and when I say old, I mean from Ancient Rome – and they sell their products in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.  Check them out.  It’s worth the drive!

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  1. Gateway Craft Brewing in Salisbury is just off the by pass. Easier to get to than Evo. It is half a mile from Burnish.

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