Whether or not you’re a local, there is a fantastic way to kick off your Saturday this June 24. Our friends at 3rd Wave are having their first big can release that morning. They’re releasing their reimagined Bomboda (a DIPA that was already astounding) in four-packs of 16 ounce cans. Plus they are releasing their latest bottle: Kohola. Kohola is a sour, dry hopped Belgian Pale Ale aged in Chardonnay oak barrels for 12 months with Brettanomyces Bruxellensis. Dry hopped with Idaho 7 hops for a citrusy tropical fruit finish.

We’re teaming up with them to make this a huge deal and to remind everyone that Shore Craft Beer is a good bet all the time. So here is the plan: You can literally be the first person to purchase one of these beers (or the second or third, etc.)

The way it works is this: Shoot 3rd Wave an email here. The first person to email will get the first place in line, the second person will get the second, and so on. Obviously, you still have to be there when the release takes place 10 a.m. Saturday, June 24. But if you reserve your space in advance and show up at 9:50 a.m. to find a line around the building, just saunter to your place. Your commitment to great beer in advance is not only its own reward, but an actual reward as well.

On top of that, if you show your digital ticket to the Shore Craft Beer Fest: Salisbury Riverwalk Celebration, you’ll get $1 off the special release bottles and the special release Bombora cans. Then you’ll have plenty of time to pack up your beer and head down to the Riverwalk in Salisbury to be part of the 2nd annual Salisbury beer festival.

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