, November 24, 2014 by Anthony Towey

IBeer flight Backshoren most lines of work, the odds of ending up in Federal Court singing “Turn Down for What” in front of a 79-year-old judge as he presides over your $1.3 million lawsuit are about as slim as the odds of being extorted by a T-shirt company over the use of a made-up word. But that’s the exact situation brewery owner Danny Robinson found himself in this July.

After busting out an impromptu rap session to explain the inspiration behind his Turn Down for Wheat beer, Robinson exited the Baltimore courthouse to a collection of cameras. He joked with onlookers about being a mayoral candidate bombarded by paparazzi, but the crew was actually filming an upcoming documentary—Blood, Sweat, and Beer—that co-stars Robinson as it chronicles the struggles of two startup breweries.

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Anthony Towey
Author: Anthony Towey

Anthony Towey spent over a decade working nearly every position in the bar and restaurant business before being hired as Content Editor and Social Media Manager for StateVentures- publisher of and His combination of writing expertise, marketing savvy, and service industry experience puts him in a unique position to be able to help the local breweries like few else can. He is also the Delmarva Correspondent for and an avid supporter of drinking local.

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