In this column, we explore a few existential questions with Chef Brenton Wallace, owner of Crust and Craft in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

Q. What was the beer that started you drinking craft beer?

A: Bells Two Hearted back in 2005. Monks in Philadelphia had it on draft and I was there and wanted something different. The bartender at the time handed it to me. It was like nothing I ever drank before.

Q: What is your favorite food and beer pairing?

A: A burger, to be honest with you. It’s about sitting in a bar, be it the Pickled Pig or Oyster House, you know. Those are my two go-to places for burgers. There’s just something about sitting down and having a burger and an IPA that screams red, white, and blue and America.

Q: What do you want crust-and-craftpeople to know about Crust and Craft? 

A:That we care about everything that we do. We make everything from scratch. Every single item that comes out of this kitchen is made from scratch.  And we think about everything that we do. We think about the beer we put on our list. We think about the food that we put on the plates.

Q: Thing you’re most proud of?

Opening this restaurant.

Q: If Gandalf and Vader were in a fight, who would win. Show your work?

A: Darth Vader is the most badass villain in the history of villains. Vader is just that badass. How could anyone not say Vader?

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