Crooked Hammock Brewery is set just off the highway, steps from where most of the Cape May Lewes Ferry travelers set off for their Delmarva excursions, but it feels as if it is a world away. Built with the summer in mind, this year-round brewery and restaurant has a little something for everyone.

Crooked Hammock is kid friendly

kid friendly crooked hammock brewery
Crooked Hammock Brewery is kid and bike friendly, as you can see. It’s a family restaurant that also is a brewery, which is increasingly a popular choice, especially in resort areas.

Serving an area that has so many summertime residents and weekend visitors, Crooked Hammock is built with day-trippers in mind. Of course, there are plenty of hammocks on the grounds as well for lounging and for napping. The idea is that people are encouraged to hang around and make a day of it. As with any restaurant and bar, it’s perfectly acceptable to pop in for a drink or to have a flight of tasters and continue on. But, if you decide you want to have a couple of beers, there’s more to do at Crooked Hammock than drink.The spacious backyard has plenty of games, from ping-pong to cornhole and other distractions that can keep kids and adults alike happy.

Crooked Hammock is a destination brewery

laura lynch and sean lynch west chest pa
Laura and Sean Lynch, of West Chester, Pa., grabbed some lunch at the Crooked Hammock before heading out for the rest of their brew tour. The young couple makes visiting local breweries part of their vacation plans, even when it is just for a quick weekend getaway.

Laura and Sean Lynch were playing the hook and ring toss game after lunch. The pair are among that increasing demographic of people who choose where to vacation or weekend based on the breweries they would like to visit. Regulars at Dogfish Head, the Lynchs planned on spending their day trying out some of the different area breweries. Crooked Hammock is one of the newest in the area, so it was their first stop, but they planned on hitting a few more in the coastal region.

Brewing full time at Crooked Hammock

crooked hammock brewery fermentation tank
Breweries are fun places to work: “The fish just showed up one day, so we left it.” The brewhouse at Crooked Hammock Brewery will produce about 1,800 barrels this year, seven at a time.

This year Crooked Hammock added an extra shift to keep up with demand. In early July they had their second-ever canning run, engaging a mobile can company to provide six-packs for people who would like their beers to go as well as to provide to a number of key accounts in the area.

Jon Schorah, brewer and brand development manager at Crooked Hammock, said that for now they’re keeping the brewery’s canning distribution limited to make sure they can keep up with the incredible amount of demand.

“We wanted to partner with places in the area like the Paradise Grill, the Starboard, Hammerheads and Dockside,” he said. “The people who like these beers also like a certain atmosphere.”


Tony Russo
Author: Tony Russo

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