Dewey Beer Co. has been located at 2100 Coastal Highway for as long as Shore Craft Beer can remember. Actually, it’s been there since 2015, to be exact. It’s located at the same spot where bygone restaurants Bubba’s and Theo’s Family Grill once stood. However, Dewey Beer Company is here to stay.

Dewey Beer Co. has a great new logo, too! Photo credit: Brandon Smith, Dewey Beer Co.

Their beer is quite popular, and speaking from personal experience, it sells out quickly. This writer went to two different liquor stores (Banks in Millville, DE and Hickman’s in Ocean View, DE), only to find that it was sold out at both locations. This writer will have to try, try again.

The New Adventure

I spoke with Brandon Smith, who co-owns the brewery with Mike Reilly and Scot Kaufman, and he spilled the tea on this great new adventure for Dewey Beer Company. He says it was mainly borne out of a response to have more beer available to consumers. The beer hopes to expand its reach further into Delaware, Maryland, Washington, DC, and Pennsylvania.

Dewey Beer Co beers
On the left is the sour Secret Machine. The khaki-colored beer is the Bounce Bounce Bounce Bounce Bounce Bounce Bounce IPA.

He told me that Dewey Beer Co. is expanding to Harbeson, DE. This endeavor is exciting and while the main function of the location will be beer production (approximately 80% of the space will be devoted to this task), visitors are still encouraged to come to the tasting room here. Wait, they have a tasting room? Why yes, they do!

Picture it. Harbeson. 2021. The new space will have an open concept such that the entire beer production space is still visible from the tasting room, which is a really neat idea.  Brandon told me that he wants people to be able to taste the beers that Dewey Beer Co. offers at its Harbeson location, in addition to being able to see, smell, and hear the brewery in production action. While there will be a small dividing wall, it will not obscure the views of the factory in action.

Serving Customers Safely

Brandon reiterated that the customer comes first and the same safety protocols they’ve implemented at their original location also apply to their new production site. Not only do they adhere to CDC guidelines, they also have made the decision not to have any major events or gathering until they are “in the clear” with regard to COVID-19. Moreover, all of the tables are socially distanced, and they are sanitized often.

Furthermore, in order to avoid any lines or potential crowd gatherings, they will no longer announce the release of any new cans or new beers ahead of time. “Beers will just appear,” Brandon said.

May be an image of text that says 'Deweybeerco'
The new, Harbeson location!

The Best is Yet to Come

This article mainly serves as a preview, but here’s what to expect. First, there will be a mix of both new beers and old favorites, such as Heavily Meditated, Controlled Voltage, and People of Earth-to Serve Man. The original Dewey Beer Company, however, is more experimental in its offerings. Regardless, visitors can expect to be able to taste amazing beer at both locations.

It’s really exciting that Dewey Beer Co. is coming to Harbeson and extending not only the potential number of people it can reach, but also the number of places in which consumers can purchase Dewey Beer Co. products.

One of the most important things that Brandon said was that the fanbase of craft beer drinkers in Delaware is not to be underestimated. The people at the beaches know what they want, and clearly they want Dewey Beer Co. products. The passion of the people of Delaware for Dewey Beer Co. products is not to be taken for granted, but they know what they know and they like what they like. As Brandon said, “Delaware is first and foremost.” Well said!

Heavily Meditated Dewey Beer Co.
Heavily Meditated offering from Dewey Beer Co. Photo Credit: Dewey Beer Co.

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