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As the craft beer craze continues to sweep to the nation, consumers are beginning to seek lighter, health-conscious beer and spirit options (seltzer anyone?). Crooked Hammock Brewery, with their hospitality and experience-focused brewery concept has recently put their stake in the sand with a new year-round lineup that focuses on the every-day beer drinker; easy-drinking, fresh and flavorful brews that are meant to propel the drinker into that “Hammock State Of Mind.”

Crooked Hammock History

Crooked Hammock opened its doors in Lewes, DE in 2015 and they’ve finally found their man with head brewer and beer brand director Jon Schorah, a home-brewer and salesman by trade, and committed, blue collar working man by nature.

Jon and his brew team, along with a confident and experienced marketing squad have spent countless hours over the last several years honing their craft, while defining their brand in a way that’s true to who they are as people, brewers, and beer-drinkers. In addition, long-time Rehoboth resident and now Philly-based artist Paul Carpenter (@paulcarpenterart) has helped define this brand artistically with a unique illustrative style that can be seen not only on all of these year round cans, but in murals and other areas within each brewery.

New Line-up of Beers

Over the last three months, Crooked Hammock has rolled out five new offerings, including an American Lager, Low-Cal Blonde Ale, Session IPA, Coconut Golden Ale, and a rotating seasonal sour. What do all of these beers have in common? They’re all under 6% ABV and naturally evoke that feeling that comes only when it’s time to kick back, relax, and unwind with a beer.

“I ditched my 9-5 to open a brewery at the beach,” says owner and founder Rich Garrahan. “When I was in my 20’s, I would get home from work, crack open something light and flavorful, kick off my shoes and unwind in my crooked backyard hammock. It’s a feeling that I hope everyone who steps foot into our brewery can relate to.”

Beach Escape Session IPA

The first of five year-rounds to be released was their “Beach Escape Session IPA.” Brewed with light, citrus-forward hops and tangerine peel, while coming in at just 5.5% ABV, their team believes this beer evokes a widely relatable feeling; escaping the perils of everyday life for a long weekend at the beach. In the beer world where IPAs are still king, this one is still crafty enough to resonate with the most experienced IPA fan, while still maintaining it’s sessionable, easy-drinking identity.

Four Tires Two Friends & a Radio American Lager

“Four Tires Two Friends & a Radio” was the second to make its debut, and it’s name describes the first things listed on their team’s “road trip checklist.” Brewed with american hops, and malts, locally sourced by their friends at Proximity Malt, this American lager is straightforward – crisp, refreshing, and best served ice cold.

“There’s nothing more American than a road trip; music blaring, a best friend as your copilot, and a cooler full of beer,” says beer brand manager Tom Little. “The artwork tells a story of the open road, and that’s exactly the feeling you’ll get when cracking open a can of this easy-drinkin’ lager.”

South to Somewhere Coconut Golden Ale

“South To Somewhere” is the third of four new year-round offerings, and has been an early fan favorite. Light coconut undertones give way to medium hop and malt character for a crisp and refreshing brew.  “We’ve all felt like packing our bags, driving to the airport and hopping on the first plane south,” says Tom. “And that’s exactly what this one will inspire you to do.

Hammock Easy Low Cal American Blonde Ale

The most recent year-round release, “Hammock Easy” – was brewed with the health-conscious in mind. At 96 calories and 6 carbs, this American Blonde Ale won’t rob you of your strides towards longevity. Brewed with honey malt and a light hop character, this beer is clean, crisp and won’t weigh you down. “We’ve been working on this recipe for quite some time,” noted Jon. “This beer’s imagery defines that happy place we all aim to find after a long day, and the beer itself can be drank in two’s or three’s, without the guilt of empty calories.”

Sour Power Rotating Seasonal Sour Series

SOUR POWER. It’s no secret that sours have been IN for the last couple years, and “Brand New Day,” Crooked Hammock’s rotating seasonal sour series has really piqued the interest of Hammock faithfuls.

“We were adamant on creating a sour that won’t kill the pallet or leave your mouth puckering, and wanted to make sure each version used fresh fruits that are in season at the time of the beer’s release,” says Jon. “Our sours are a bit more sweet than tart, but full of fresh fruit flavors, but we did that purposefully, to appeal to a wider demographic.” The illustration and colors are a bit more funkadelic on this can, differentiating itself from the rest of the new lineup. Graphic designer Kate Gooding noted, “this one tells the story of that moment when you wake up early enough to catch the sunset, and decide to make the most of a new day, a new chapter. That’s exactly what each sip will leave you feeling”

Averaging out at about 3.9 on Untappd, the spring and summer versions appeal to not only the sour beer lover, but the cocktail and wine lover that still comprises a great portion of the Hammock’s wide-reaching demographic. The fall version is set to release on Saturday, August 28th in Lewes and Middletown.

What’s Coming & Our Locations

Although their team is focused on maintaining their identity as a brewery focused on creating sessionable, flavorful, easy drinkin’ brews, it doesn’t mean they won’t lose their creativity. “There’s still room in the arsonal for those bigger, highly anticipated releases, like our Banana Hammock Belgian Quad and Off Your Rocker DIPA.” says Beer Brand Manager Tom Little. “That’s the great thing about this craft. A small conversion can spark something huge, and although everything may not appeal to everyone, you can bet your bottom dollar that there will be something on that beer list for every beer drinker out there.”

Crooked Hammock Brewery in Lewes, Middletown, Delaware and our “Happy Camper Backyard Experience” in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina all currently offer all five of these new year-round offerings. All Crooked Hammock Breweries make it a goal to create unforgettable experiences for all ages (dogs too!). Oversized backyard areas feature games like cornhole and ping-pong while private porch bar areas and murals, local artwork and artifacts can be seen throughout all areas of the breweries. While you’re there, be sure to look for those instagram-worthy areas to help capture the memories you’re destined to create while on-site.


About Crooked Hammock Brewery

Crooked Hammock Brewery opened its doors for its first location in Lewes, Delaware in October of 2015. After four short years, it extended its reach just north of the original location with a 4,000 square foot space opening in Middletown, Delaware in fall 2019.  Crooked Hammock is a craft brewery, restaurant and backyard beer garden that creates an easy-going, approachable environment.  The craft beer lineup boasts light and perfectly crushable beers to lie in a hammock with and pairs nicely with the classic backyard cookout inspired menus. Its mission is to provide a place for all ages, incomes, and interests to experience and enjoy the hammock state of mind. Both locations include a backyard beer garden with activities for all ages, with hammocks, corn hole, ping pong, playgrounds, bocce, and more.


About La Vida Hospitality

La Vida Hospitality is a hospitality and entertainment management company based out of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. La Vida is a leader in creating lifestyle-focused hospitality brands that create emotional bonds with its team, guests and surrounding communities. The brands it develops embrace the mentality of taking a break, enjoying the ride, and always making memories along the way.


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