This week, we look at some of the stories behind our favorite craft beer posts of the week. As always, we’ll look at homebrewing practices and innovations as well as some of the things that are going on in the craft beer industry locally and abroad. As always, we’ll start the day with a tasting, so catch us on the Shore Craft Beer Facebook page around noon as we try and #SaveDayDrinking

Party time

If you haven’t been to a to-do over at Xtreme Brewing you’re totally missing out. It’s a great atmosphere with lots of great brewers of all skill levels (including people like my with no brewing skills). If you’re on the fence about brewing (or winemaking or cheese making, or tea blending and on and on) this is the event that will push you over.

Is it worth the effort?

I mentioned this last week on the show, but we didn’t discuss it because I thought it might be to silly. Shawn says it isn’t necessarily silly, so we’ll have to look into weather this saves enough money to be worth it.

Coin of the realm

I haven’t coined a ton of phrases and those I have haven’t really caught on. “Drink what you like and be happy!” for example, isn’t on many bumper stickers. That said, “Beer flavored beer” is among my favorite coinages. Mostly because after tasting the weirdest beers and some of the rarest, it is nice to have a simple beer to style.

A Matter of taste

I have a friend who is good a blending beers. It’s the next thing I would love to learn how to do, but it is chancy because you can make two good pints awful. This story is about blending sours as part of the brewing process, but we can talk about both.

Off flavors say as much about a good beer as a bad one

Off flavors in a beer can be caused by anything from carelessness to bad luck. Knowing with is which doesn’t make a huge difference, but if a beer tastes funny and you know why, it makes it a little easier to take.

Hops short-hand

A handy guide to the whats and whys of noble hops.

Better than the mall, ’cause it has beer

I hate malls, but I like the idea of these indoor markets. I know that grocery stores always have been indoor markets, but the idea of fresh eating (and drinking) is really attractive. Making it easier to get your groceries and beer more often and fresher is an innovation I can get behind.

New big brewers belly up to the bar

This is another story we’ve been following. Japanese beers are looking to fight their way off the island. It’s like having Australia in Risk but having trouble punching your way out. What’s even more like Risk is the notion that AB InBev can auction off a continent.


Mispillion River had a Harry Potter release, which is cool but a friend of ours was in the background of the photo which, while it must happen to thousands of people every day, still is pretty cool.

Recipe of the week

Beer brines are always a pleasure and this one looks super fresh and green tasting.

Muffaletta with IPA-Brined Veggie Relish

Muffaletta sandwiches can be found all over New Orleans, from delis and corner grocery stores to upscale restaurants. Here, we use more readily available focaccia for the bread, and we’ve replaced the traditional olive salad with an IPA-brined vegetable relish.

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