Do you love beer? Do you love books? Well, have I got a combo for you, Salisbury, Maryland’s very own craft brew pub and wine bar, the Brick Room, is hosting Meet the Authors: Books and Brews on April 13th from 4:30-7:30. The event will play host to three local authors, all published through Berlin publisher Salt Water Media. Plus, it is All Day Happy Hour, what could be better? Dr. Benjamin Beck, Joan D. Cooper, and yours truly, Andrew Heller are the authors. Let’s take a moment to sell you on who they are and what they might have to say:
Benjamin Beck is the author of the novels 13 Gold Monkeys and his latest release, Ape. Both books share stories of hope, determination, and an indomitable spirit, all told through the eyes of the simians.
“I am very much anticipating gathering at the Brick Room with fellow Salt Water Media authors to show off our wonderful books, drink some great beer and meet and make some new friends and readers,” he said. “Thanks to the owners and staff of the Brick Room for their tradition of supporting local cultural organizations and thanks to Stephanie and Patty at Salt Water Media for organizing their publishing powerhouse!”
Joan Cooper will be releasing her third in the Lilac Hill series, Lilac Hill Folly.
“I’m grateful and excited to launch the third book from Lilac Hill at Brick Room with you! Thanks for making me part of the Salt Water Media crew,” Joan said. “Being your evil twin makes all the editing hours worth the effort.”
Yes, it is true Joan and I are known in some circles as the Danger Twins. Her books, Finding Home at Lilac Hill and Return to Lilac Hill, are the first in the series of stories inspired by a small farm built into the mountain slope. While fictionalized she insists both are real, as is the town.

“Lilac Hill is the fictional name I have given. I wanted the anonymity of a new name to allow true fiction. The place is just as much a character as the people in the tale. At its heart, the series is about family in whatever shape it takes–extended family, good friends who become family, and strangers we take in and keep.”

And speaking of good friends, Joan hopes to see a few and a make a few at this Brick Room Event.
Andrew Heller is the author of the “young adult” or “new adult” Samuel Smythe Adventure Series. Samuel Smythe and the Mystery of the Missing Papers, Samuel Smythe and the Mystery of the Snake Bird, and Samuel Smythe and the Mystery of the Urbane tell the adventures of a young scarlet haired boy who gets wrapped up in his father’s spy business. Inspired by his (my, as I am also the author of this column) son, the first in the series was intended as a short story offered as a Christmas gift when I had fallen on some hard times. My kid liked it, and the series grew. Book four, Samuel Smythe and the Mystery of the Origins, will be out sometime this fall! When I asked myself about this idea of Books and Beer, particularly, why? “Why not? I love both!”
Rachael Hardester, General Manager of the Brick Room, said of her idea to host this event.

“I decided to host this event because it’s something new and unique to bring to our downtown community. What a great way to be able to meet local authors and get a book signed,” she said. “People will be able to engage in gripping conversations with the authors themselves and be able to hear passages read by the author from their own book!”

That’s right, the authors will each do a brief reading and of course their books will be available to purchase, but the true focus of the evening is simply a meet and greet. The idea is to bring together two great things, beer and books. Bartender extraordinaire Jimmy Watson said it best, paraphrasing from his new favorite book, “As Samuel Smythe would say don’t be a ‘wet blanket’! Come to Books and Brews for a great book to read and brews to drink!”
Well, perhaps more than two great things will be brought together, beer and books, wine and cheese, and the introduction of three local author/artists who live right in your own backyard! Jimmy and Rachael will be serving up a large selection of craft beers, wines, and their famous charcuterie boards. So come on out to Meet the Authors: Books and Brews. Racheal just might make it a regular happening. Ask questions, introduce yourself, or just say, “hello!” Chat up the authors and the Brick Room crew about all things literary, you just never know who you will bump into at your local watering hole, and please remember, tip your bartender!
The Brick room is located at 116 N. Division Street in downtown Salisbury. And if you are too busy to scroll up and get that date again, it is Meet the Authors: Books and Brews at the Brick Room. Wednesday. April 13th from 430-7:30.

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