Free shuttle to be offered from the beach to the brewfest and back

When the second annual Shore Craft Beer Fest: Salisbury Riverwalk Celebration kicks off on June 24 it will do so in a radically changed cultural landscape from even just six years ago. Salisbury a city on the rise as much as is craft beer. People travel from all over the region to attend these beer fests for a bunch of reasons. The first, we would like to think, is because they are fun. But another important reason is that we exclusively serve beer made on the Delmarva Peninsula. People come here for the beer, which is something we couldn’t say a few years ago.

Still, there are other things to do beyond visiting the more-than two dozen breweries in the area. We have the beach and all that entails, as well as plenty of cultural distractions throughout the area. This could be the festival you use to take some time and explore the other great things the region has to offer, including the beach and all that entails.

Several Ocean City hotels have partnered with the town as well as with Salisbury to offer shuttle service from Ocean City to Salisbury specifically for the festival. Even if you’re not staying at a participating hotel, consider spending the weekend in Ocean City. The shuttle is for all festival goers.

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The obvious upside is that you don’t need a designated driver, but a less clear one is that you can spend the morning knocking around the beach without having to worry about parking or getting directions or any of those things. If you want, get up early and pop over to Arts Alive in Northside Park and take a stroll among all the local art for sale there before heading back downtown to take the shuttle.

Plan on coming in Friday, maybe, and heading over to Berlin for some dinner and shopping or spend the night knocking around on the Boardwalk. Win a stuffed animal or play Skee Ball until you’re out of quarters.

See? There’s tons to do on the Delmarva Peninsula. And you thought it was just about beer…

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