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Shaun Harris, one of three owners of Harris Family Brewery in Philadelphia, represents the first black-owned brewery in Pennsylvania. The brewery opened in 2014. He told, “We want to make sure we take care of the beer culture while at the same time taking care of our culture, and responsibly introduce our community to craft beer.”  Shaun is a pioneer.

This week on Beer Notes, we’re discussing diversity in brewers and brewery ownership.

Mike Potter, co-founder the country’s first black beer festival, told NPR that the number of black-owned breweries in the U.S. could be as low as 50, but some industry leaders are trying to change that.

Dominion City Brewing in Ottawa, Canada is partnering with Niagara College to provide scholarship money to a student in the college’s brewmaster program from, quote, “a background presently underrepresented in the industry.”

The Pink Boots Society targets women. Founded in 2007 and now with approximately 2,000 members all over the world, the Pink Boots provide mentorship, networking opportunities, scholarships and other educational resources to female brewers.

Expanding the demographics of craft beer drinkers and brewers is good for business.

Thanks to the initiatives of organizations and breweries, diversity in the love of craft beer is growing, slowly. For Beer Notes, this is Anne Neely.

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