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This week, Doug and Tony discus the Stone Brewing announcement (reminder?) that it won’t be selling out anytime soon. They also review two emerging types of beer education: teaching brewing students in working production breweries and helping people better understand the words they use to describe beer. Also, a BWS exclusive about a major development in the local beer scene.

Stone Brewing takes the high road

I tend to try and limit my beer drinking to those brewed within 100 miles of my home. This is my way of supporting local, independent beer. This week, however, I feel like I owe Stone a six-pack of support for their gentler reminder about the hows and whys of big beer.

I don’t believe there is a conspiracy, I think big business is as big business does. That said, it is critical to let people know that what’s at stake isn’t quality but rather investment.

The language of beer

This is a great story, much of which I believe Doug has said a billion times before, that helps people get a sense of how to use the language of brewing to explain beers to yourself as well as to others.

Some things you never get tired of reiterating.

Posted by Beer with Strangers on Thursday, February 18, 2016

Beer education on Campus Why did it take this long?

As both an economic and a practical model, it is hard to believe that it took so long for a major brewery to partner with a local college (the Culinary Institute of America) to start teaching students both how to brew beer and how beer fits into the larger culinary picture. We’re about to have a class of chefs from one of the country’s most prestigious breweries who spent all four years with an on-premise brewery at their disposal. What could go wrong?

Great story by Somebodies Productions featuring a Brooklyn partnership with a college to teach brewing in a working on campus brewery. It is astounding there aren’t more of these…

Posted by ShoreCraftBeer.com on Wednesday, February 17, 2016

And one final plug for Shore Craft Beer Fest…

One week left! #MDBeerLovers #MDfeBREWary #supportlocal

Posted by Fincity Brewingcompany on Sunday, February 14, 2016


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