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American Brewers Guild has Distance Learning

Do you want to learn how to make craft beer as good as the beer down here on the shore? Eric Camper of Tall Tales Brewery in Parsonsburg, MD attended American Brewers Guild in Vermont to learn how to brew craft beer. He had this to say about his experience at ABG, “I absolutely loved the Intensive Brewing Science Course from the Guild.  Ever since I started brewing at home I knew I wanted to have a career in the industry.  Frankly during college I always had a hard time studying due to my ADHD and Dyslexia, but the way the Guild put together the information made it easier for me to retain the info.  The DVD’s allowed me to go back and review materials, the handouts and slideshows pinpointed the topics that we were learning.  When you sign up for this course, you are not just buying materials and books.  You are making an investment in your brewing future.  This isn’t a JOB for me, its a career.  I have used the knowledge I have learned everyday since I started the classes and will most likely reference those materials for the rest of my career.  I am proud to have graduated from something that I can actually use and the best part of all is that others will benefit from my knowledge one sip at a time.  If you are not continuing your education in this business, you are falling behind.  Thank you to all the professors, teachers and staff that made this possible for me.  Cheers. ”

This wasn’t the only time we have heard Eric mention American Brewers Guild and recommend their classes. During Think the Shore Drink the Shore, Eric told viewers how happy he was with the education he received there and said he has an engineering degree he doesn’t use, but uses his ABG knowledge all the time.

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  1. I wonder how participation in this ABG training will be affected by COVID-19. The craft beer industry has taken a hard hit, so I’m curious to see how that affects an interest in opening new breweries. Great share!

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